5 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood Floors, According to experts


The best vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors and carpets are cleaning deeply into rug threads while being gentle on the wood. To properly care for hardwood floors, you should choose a vacuum cleaner with a strong suction that can reach deep into the fibers of area rugs while still being soft enough not to scratch or damage the flooring.

5 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood Floors, According to Cleaning Experts

Our Top Picks: 5 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood Floors, According to Cleaning Experts

Here is the list of all our top product picks, which we will describe in the following article.

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These are the vacuum for you if you have rugs all over your gorgeous hardwood floors and want to keep them clean. Vacuums for carpet and hardwood that let you choose whether or not the brush roll spins while cleaning carpet or hard floors are a suitable compromise for those with several flooring types. Sensors on certain versions may smoothly transition between the two modes.

A vacuum cleaner may be a significant financial commitment, so it’s a disappointment when it doesn’t perform properly in your home. If you do your homework on which models would work best for your house and lifestyle, you’ll be far less likely to have buyers’ regret.

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Table of the Products

Product name Material Dimension Weight Features
BISSELL 2252 CleanView Swivel Vacuum Cleaner  PlasticHeight: 19.2″ Width: 15″ Depth: 12.9″14.5 lbsBagless, Spatter-free technology and a powerful brush roll for removing pet hair steer using your left or right hand by swiveling the wheel
BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Vacuum Cleaner  PlasticHeight: 44.09” Width: 13.78” Depth: 12.80”14.11 lbsEvery sweep of the edge-to-edge cleaning function brings it that much closest to walls and edges Provides equipment for cleaning up after pets, such as a hair corner tool and a turbo eraser tool a new filter has required The capacity of the garbage cup Type of power supply
Rocket Corded Stick Vacuum  PlasticHeight: 35.83” Width: 10.24” Depth: 11.42”8.11 lbsSteering with a swivel. Features a portable vacuum attachment that can clean from floor to ceiling. To clean your whole house, you’ll need additional equipment that helps you get into small places, remove pet hair, and do so much more. To clean carpets, just use the fingertip controls.
Kenmore 22614 Vacuum  Plastic, Metal, RubberHeight: 46.06” Width: 11.02” Depth: 10.63”26 poundsPet PowerMate HEPA Filter System with Telescoping Wand and On-Board Accessory Storage in a Bagless Canister Vacuum.
Eureka PowerSpeed Turbo Spotlight Vacuum Cleaner  Metal and PlasticLength: 18 ft10 poundsLarge Operation Attain, All-Floor Vacuum with LED Headlights and XL Dust Cup

List of Best Products:

In this post, I examine the best five vacuums for hardwood floors and carpets in detail. You’ll learn about the benefits and drawbacks of each vacuum, as well as why it is cut. Additionally, you’ll discover which features to look for in a multi-surface vacuum.

  • BISSELL 2252 CleanView Swivel Vacuum Cleaner
  • BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Vacuum Cleaner
  • Rocket Corded Stick Vacuum
  • Kenmore 22614 Vacuum
  • Eureka PowerSpeed Turbo Spotlight Vacuum Cleaner

BISSELL 2252 CleanView Swivel Vacuum Cleaner

Bagless upright best vacuum for hardwood floors and carpets will like the simplicity and low price of the Bissell CleanView Swivel Pet 2252. Most floor types function well, however, carpets are a bit of a challenge because of the difficulty of pushing over them.

However, it has a good reputation for being efficient and effective in removing pet hair. The belt that moves the bristles must be kept in mind, since hair may become tangled in it and damage the belt. The vacuum is lightweight and portable thanks to its all-plastic design.

This, on the other hand, implies that the vacuum for wooden floors will likely feel flimsy and not endure for a decade. Overall, this vacuum is an excellent value-for-money option for people looking for a basic yet effective vacuum cleaner.


  • This vacuum is a fantastic option if you need a lot of suction power. A large majority of people say that it’s ideal for most floors.
  • Several customers said that this vacuum is excellent at cleaning up pet hair and leaving the floors spotless.
  • The opening mechanism and the way it opens up to expel the dust make emptying the dust bin quick and simple, according to many customers.
  • According to several customers, this vacuum’s efficiency and suction compare well to models costing many times as much.
  • It’s lightweight and simple to use, so it’s a fantastic option for those who vacuum often.


  • Some people found it to be too loud, while others were irritated by it.
  • Even while most customers say it’s great for most floor types, some have complained that it’s difficult to maneuver when vacuuming carpets.
  • There were complaints from customers who said the belt became clogged with pet hair and broke or became ineffective.
  • Some customers have complained that the vacuum’s general construction quality is shoddy and that it seems unstable in spots.

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BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Vacuum Cleaner

CleanView Swivel Pet by BISSELL is an upright best vacuum for hardwood floors and pet hair. Due to its ability to readily pick up hair from all surfaces, including those with shedding dogs, this vacuum does not need an anti-allergy (HEPA) filter.

On bare floors and low to high-pile carpet, it does a respectable job. Even while it’s simple to keep up, there are a few regular expenses that may mount up quickly. Due to the spinning head’s lack of benefit in moving through rooms, it has short-range and poor maneuverability.

Fortunately, it has a variety of tools and brushes as well as the option to use it semi-handheld, which comes in if you need to clean upholstery.


  • Removes pet hair from a wide range of surfaces.
  • Included are several different tools and brushes.


  • A flimsy plastic construction was used.

Rocket Corded Stick Vacuum

Corded handheld vacuum, Rocket Ultra-Light. With two speed settings for bare floors and a high-pile carpet, you’ll always have the appropriate pace. It also comes with various brushes, including a Home & Car Detail Kit and an upholstery tool for more specialized jobs.

This best vacuum for hardwood floors and carpets is also light and portable, and you can use it as a handheld vacuum when you need it to be. Because of this, your total range will be constrained. If you don’t take the hose out of the main compartment, it will topple over when you try to store it.


  • It has a small and light design, making it simple to stow in tight spaces.
  • Fingertip control makes it simple to go from washing hard floors to cleaning carpets.
  • It has a low-profile design, making it simple to clean under furniture.


  • After repeated use, the suction strength may be lost.


Kenmore 22614 Vacuum

A lightweight bagless compact HEPA canister vacuum with motorized Pet Powermate attachment from Kenmore 22614 swiftly and easily removes tenacious pet hair and dander from all kinds of surfaces. Hair does not tangle around the brush because of its unique design.

The best wet and dry vacuum cleaner for a home with a pet Powermate attachment has a unique design for simple emptying and is filterless. It’s designed to clean all floors in your house fast and effectively with a clear bagless vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors that are simple to empty.


  • A motorized attachment swiftly and easily removes even the most tenacious pet hair off surfaces.
  • The brush’s unique shape prevents hair from becoming tangled around the handle.
  • An improved HEPA filtration system captures 99.97 percent of the room’s allergen-inducing contaminants.


  • It’s tough to move the canister.

Eureka PowerSpeed Turbo Spotlight Vacuum Cleaner

Overall, customer satisfaction has been high for the Eureka NEU188. The vacuum’s low weight has received mostly positive feedback, and users report that it does an excellent job on both carpets and hard surfaces.

Other benefits include an easy-to-empty canister and a simple-to-clean vacuum. Sadly, there are some drawbacks. Some buyers complain that the power cable is too short, while others claim that not having a height adjustment is a significant inconvenience.

Several customers have complained that the vacuum’s canister seal is inadequate, allowing debris to escape. This best vacuum for hardwood floors and carpets, on the other hand, is an excellent buy due to its low price.


  • The vacuum’s low weight has generally been praised in user evaluations.
  • The vacuum cleaner may be used on both carpets and hardwood floors, according to the manufacturer.
  • Customers praise the vacuum’s powerful suction and thorough cleaning abilities.
  • It’s been said that emptying and cleaning the vacuum is a breeze.
  • The vacuum’s ease of assembly appeals to most buyers.


  • Some customers have complained about the product’s long-term dependability, claiming it may fail after just a few months.
  • Some customers have complained that the vacuum blows dirt all over hard surfaces.
  • Many people complain that the chair doesn’t have a way to change the height of the seat.
  • The power cable, according to many customers, is excessively short.
  • The canister’s seal to the vacuum is said to be inadequate, thus dirt may sometimes seep out.


Buyers Guide

It took months for us to test and compare the following best vacuum for hardwood floors and carpets cleaning products on a wide range of surfaces: hardwood floors; carpets; and rugs; and, in our homes with dogs; children; and people; all of the different slobbering.

Best Vacuum Cleaners

Best Vacuum Cleaners for hardwood floors and carpets are available in a wide variety of styles. Canister’s best vacuums for tile floors are simple to empty, as are cordless vacuums, robot vacuums take minimal work on your side, and many more options are available. All types have their advantages, so it’s a question of finding the ones that best suit your needs.

Best Vacuum Cleaners Attachments

Certain attachments may be more important for you than others when it comes to your vacuum’s intended usage. Popular attachments include dusting, crevice, upholstery, and pet cleaning attachments.

Best Vacuum Cleaners Weight

Although many people overlook weight when shopping for a new Best Vacuum Cleaners, it is an important consideration that may have a significant effect on whether or not you end up liking the device. It will be difficult to move a hefty vacuum about your house, while a small one may be quickly knocked over.

Frequently Asked Question

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Final Words

We hope you found the information in this post useful in making an informed choice about the best vacuum for hardwood floors and carpets. These are your best bet for keeping your hardwood floors clean and free of blemishes. It can go from thorough carpet cleaning to soft hardwood floor vacuuming with the flick of a button, without losing suction or mobility.

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