Best Flooring for Kitchen and Family Room Options for Kitchen Renovation: How to Choose the Right Material?

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? The thing that requires most of your attention and concern is the kitchen flooring during a renovation.

Your kitchen’s floor should be the most durable in the house. It is because kitchen floors have to bear many things like water spills, strains, temperature fluctuations, and dropped utensils. It should be able to withstand all the hazards associated with kitchens.

Best Flooring for Kitchen and Family Room Options for Kitchen Renovation: How to Choose the Right Material?

Moreover, you spend most of the time standing in the kitchen. Some flooring materials make you feel less while working in the kitchen.

Here is a detailed article on the best flooring for kitchen and family room and things to consider when looking for the right material:

Best Flooring Materials Based on Popularity

Are you confused about choosing the right flooring material for your kitchen? We have mentioned the best nine flooring options in this article. There are plenty more. But which to opt for?

Here is a list of some of the best flooring materials for kitchen and living rooms based on their popularity in the market:

  1. Hardwood (73%)
  2. Ceramic Tiles (3.30%)
  3. Concrete (3.29%)
  4. Porcelain Tiles (3.11%)
  5. Natural stone (1.27%)
  6. Vinyl (0.76%)
  7. Laminate (0.65%)
  8. Bamboo (0.55%)
  9. Cork (0.10%)
  10. Linoleum (0.11%)

Things to Consider When Looking for Kitchen Flooring Ideas

1.   Lifestyle and Family Members

If you have a big family, then you might be spending more time in the kitchen. In this case, you need to look for the best flooring for a high-traffic kitchen. Your kitchen flooring material must be stronger and more resistant than before.

Moreover, if you have children at your home, you need to opt for non-slippery flooring material for safety.

2.   Maintenance Required

Best Flooring for Kitchen and Family Room Options for Kitchen Renovation: How to Choose the Right Material?

If you have a busy schedule and do not have enough time to maintain your kitchen, look for the best waterproof flooring for the kitchen. In this way, you do not have to spend time cleaning the floors.

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3.   Comfort

Are you the chef of your home and spend hours in the kitchen? Then, do not compromise on your comfort and ease when you are looking for kitchen flooring options. If you spend most of the time cooking in the kitchen, then opt for resilient floors. Resilient floors, consisting of polymer, are specifically designed for comfort and to reduce leg fatigue.

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4.   Durability and Water Resistance

Depending on your lifestyle, you need to check the durability of the material you are buying. If you have a busy kitchen, you need something more long-lasting. Choose a material that can withstand heavy dropped objects and frequent water spills.

5.   Cost

When you are renovating your kitchen, there are a lot of things to be changed. It would be best if you spent on furnishings, countertops, walls too. That is why it is important to estimate the cost of flooring before.

Best Flooring for Kitchen and Family Room

Are you looking for comfortable, non-slippery, and cost-effective flooring ideas for the living room and kitchen? Then here is a complete list of the best kitchen flooring options to consider:

1.   Vinyl

Vinyl is the most versatile flooring material that offers a lot of benefits at a low cost. It is a resilient material and feels softer while standing on it. Thus, you can enjoy cooking without getting tired.

Vinyl is available in various colors and designs, ranging from rustic to modern styles. Moreover, it is the most cost-effective option if you have a limited budget. Vinyl is the most popular kitchen flooring material. It is high-quality and can last up to two decades. It is easy to install and maintain because it is water-resistant.


  • It is the perfect material for kitchen flooring on a low budget.
  • It can withstand moisture and is not affected by humidity.
  • It is resilient.


  • It has barely any disadvantages.
  • But dropping sharp and heavy utensils over it can ruin the flooring.

2.   Hardwood

Hardwood is one of the best flooring ideas for the living room and kitchen. It adds warmth and an aesthetic look to your kitchen. It is an ideal option for your open kitchen flooring if the floor extends towards the living room too.

Best Flooring for Kitchen and Family Room Options for Kitchen Renovation: How to Choose the Right Material?

It is durable and requires low maintenance. Due to its wooden texture, it is great for a rustic and classic kitchen. But it cannot withstand moisture due to its wooden nature. Spills and splashes need to be cleaned immediately.


  • It is resilient and does not make you feel weary.
  • Hardwood can be sanded when it becomes old to make it new as it was a renovation.


  • It is not water-resistant.
  • Moreover, it is expensive, and it is challenging to install.

3.   Tiles

Are you looking for durable and stylish kitchen flooring trends? Then, opt for tiles. Tiles provide an appealing and modern look to your kitchen. There are two types of tiles that you may consider depending on your preferences:

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a.    Ceramic Tiles:

Made from natural clay, ceramic tiles are the best waterproof flooring for the kitchen. Ceramic tiles can withstand heat. These tiles last longer than any other flooring material. You can find ceramic tiles in different styles and sizes options.

b.    Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are a better version of ceramic tiles. If you cannot find colors and designs in ceramic tiles following your kitchen’s theme, opt for porcelain tiles. They come in more styles and colors.

Porcelain tiles are available in glazed and unglazed finishing. Choose glazed porcelain tiles for a premium and shiny look as they are coated with a glass-like material. If you want to give your kitchen a rustic and classic look, go for the glazed porcelain tiles, as they come in earthy colors.


  • Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are durable.
  • Waterproof and heatproof.
  • Available in a variety of different designs.
  • Tiles last longer than any other material.


  • Tiles are not resilient, and you may feel weary while standing over them for extended hours.

4.   Natural Stones

Natural stones are resistant to water and scratches. Installing natural stone flooring in your house will increase its value. You can sell your home at better rates in the future. There are multiple options when opting for natural stone flooring. Here are some of the most popular natural stones:

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Best Flooring for Kitchen and Family Room Options for Kitchen Renovation: How to Choose the Right Material?

a.    Limestone:

  • It is easy to maintain and clean.
  • But limestone flooring is not ideal for high-traffic kitchens as it is very soft.
  • It is better for countertops.

b.    Marble:

  • It gives a shiny and elegant look to kitchens.
  • Marble is more vulnerable to scratches and stains.
  • It is ideal for both: flooring and countertops.

c.    Granite:

  • Granite is ideal for both flooring and countertops.
  • Its versatile finishing makes your kitchen more appealing.
  • Granite flooring lasts for decades if you give attention to its proper maintenance.

d.    Slate:

  • Slate is also ideal for a modern kitchen.
  • Like granite, it also lasts longer if maintained properly.

e.    Sandstone:

  • Sandstone is known for its appearance.
  • It does not last longer than other natural stones.
  • It is more expensive than the others.


  • Natural stone is the best flooring for the kitchen and entryway.
  • Most of the natural stones last for decades.
  • It is the best flooring for a high-traffic kitchen.


  • It is vulnerable to scratches.
  • It is challenging to replace natural stone flooring in case of damage.
  • It is expensive and not ideal for you if you have a limited budget.

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5.   Linoleum

Linoleum was a very popular material for kitchen flooring trends before the 1900s. It was outdated after the introduction of new materials. But now it is back in trend. It is a great alternative to vinyl flooring.

Best Flooring for Kitchen and Family Room Options for Kitchen Renovation: How to Choose the Right Material?

It is available in various styles and colors. It may last for many years if properly cleaned and maintained.


  • Linoleum is the best flooring for a high-traffic kitchen.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • Its color may fade away and is not ideal for a kitchen that is exposed to sunlight more.
  • It is vulnerable to dents and scratches. Walking over it wearing heels can affect its surface.

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6.   Bamboo

Bamboo appears to be similar to hardwood. But bamboo is way better than hardwood because of its durability. It is harder than wood.

Bamboo is becoming one of the most popular kitchen floorings because it is water-resistant. You can install bamboo flooring in any room. It is the best flooring for the kitchen and family room.

When opting for bamboo flooring, make sure which kind you are buying. Bamboo flooring is categorized into three types:

a.    Strand Woven Bamboo:

  • It is made from pressing natural bamboo and is the most expensive of all.
  • It is three times more durable and stable than the other types.
  • If you have children at home, opt for stranded woven kitchen flooring.

b.    Solid Bamboo:

  • Solid bamboo is made by processing sliced bamboo.
  • It is not waterproof.

c.    Engineered Bamboo:

  • It is made by layering strand woven bamboo over wooden sheets.
  • Many of these are waterproof.
  • But the strength and durability depend on the manufacturing.


  • Woven bamboo flooring is stable and lasts for a long time.
  • Bamboo flooring is suitable for open kitchens whose floors extend towards the living room.


  • Some of the bamboo floorings may get damaged due to moisture, such as solid bamboo.
  • Bamboo flooring is available in a few shades and styles only. It is a major drawback for those who want their kitchens to be unique and appealing.

7.   Concrete

Do you have a kitchen on the ground floor? Then, concrete is the best waterproof flooring for the kitchen. It is easy to clean. You do not need to pay much attention to its maintenance. It can easily be polished, making it new and fresh.

Best Flooring for Kitchen and Family Room Options for Kitchen Renovation: How to Choose the Right Material?

Concrete flooring can be furnished to make it resemble wood and stone. It is indeed the most powerful flooring option because it is indestructible and can absorb any liquid. Many houses have concrete flooring in their ground-floor kitchens, garages, and basements.


  • Concrete flooring is the best for kitchens in terms of water resistance. It does not get damaged due to spills and splashes.
  • It gives your kitchens a modern look.
  • With the help of a professional, you can transform its appearance into the wood, stone, or even tiles.
  • It is ideal for outdoor kitchens as it can withstand rainwater.


  • Concrete flooring is not at all resilient. Standing for long hours on it may swell your feet and cause leg fatigue. You will have to place a rug or a carpet.

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8.   Cork

Are you looking for a comfortable kitchen flooring option on a small budget? Then, cork is the best flooring for a small kitchen. Cork is very resilient and soft to stand on. You can enjoy cooking without getting tired.

Cork is the best alternative to expensive flooring materials like vinyl, porcelain tiles, hardwood, etc. Cork flooring is easy to install in a kitchen.


  • It is very comfortable.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • DIY installation is possible.


  • Due to its softness, it gets scratched easily. If you drop heavy and sharp objects on it, it will be badly damaged.
  • Its color may fade away if it is exposed to direct sunlight.

9.   Laminate

Laminate is a cost-effective flooring material that has the same appearance as a wooden floor. If you have a low budget and want to give your kitchen a wooden look, opt for laminate. But many laminate sheets are not waterproof.

Best Flooring for Kitchen and Family Room Options for Kitchen Renovation: How to Choose the Right Material?


  • It is an inexpensive alternative to wooden kitchen flooring.
  • It requires less maintenance.
  • It is durable.


  • It is very vulnerable to water damage. Look for waterproof laminate sheets.
  • It cannot be refurbished when it gets old.

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To Wrap It All

Kitchen flooring is not only important for an appealing and modern look. Kitchens are indeed the most used rooms in a house. It would be best if you were very careful when installing a new floor. Look for more durable flooring material, so you do not have to spend dollars replacing floors every year.

Some materials are more vulnerable to damage and are not eBay to replace, like a cork. Hardwood is the most popular kitchen flooring. It just doubles the value of your house, making it more expensive at the time of sale.

The best criteria to choose a flooring material is to make a list of all your preferences and read all the pros and cons of all materials. It will help you opt for suitable flooring material.

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