Best Kitchen Runners for Hardwood Floors

Best Kitchen Runners for Hardwood Floors


From time immemorial to the present, runner rugs have been loved to enhance the beauty and spaciousness of homes, but these rugs have been chosen based on the house’s suitability and type as well as the furniture in it. Therefore, when buying any type of rug, special attention needs to be paid to its size, color, and design, otherwise wrong type and low-quality rugs can ruin your house floors.

Best Kitchen Runners for Hardwood Floors

Our Top Picks: Best Kitchen Runners for Hardwood Floors

Here is the list of all our top product picks, which we will describe in the following article.

All-in-One: Luxurious Shaggy Chenille Kitchen/Bath Mat Runner  

Affordable: Maples Rugs Abstract Diamond Modern Distressed Non-Slip Runner

Best Amazon Pick: Ottomanson Garden Design Modern Runner Rug

Easy To Use: Kitchen Rug Sets, Rugs for Kitchen Floor Washable

Best Portable Hardwood Floors: IDesign Formbu Bamboo Floor Mat Non-Skid Water-Resistant Rug

It has been observed that the nylon, bamboo, and polypropylene rugs seem to fulfill every need of the kitchen and are considered best in performance for instance, these rugs are quick liquid absorbent, anti-slipped due to the strong rubberized backing, and stain proof. Unlike the stained chemical backing, these high-quality rugs do not leave any sticking layers or stains on floors and this way whether it is hardwood or tile floor, its finish does not fade.

Reputed and novel Runner rugs are easy to use and their cleansing requires little care as they are machine-friendly or can be refreshed by hand washing with the help of cool water and gentle soap. But bleach and softeners are not suitable for these rugs because such chemicals can cause shedding and deform the rugs.

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In this article, we have inspected the comprehensive details of the best kitchen runners for hardwood floors:  

Buyer’s Guide for Best Kitchen Runners for Hardwood Floors


Runner rugs vary in size and style as they are designed to suit their places. Kitchen runners, area rugs, and floor runners are available to cover every corner of the house. Runner rug makers offer regular and short sizes for kitchen runners while area runners being larger and broader take up more space and are specially made to occupy the open and spacious spaces of the house. Floor runners are almost identical to the area runners but a bit narrower in comparison with area runners.


Kitchen mats for hardwood floors are made from high-quality fibers of chenille, nylon, polypropylene, and natural bamboo. These rugs have been introduced for kitchens but can be placed for indoor or outdoor places such as living rooms, kid rooms, dining rooms entry doors, and offices, etc. polypropylene rugs in particular are designed to withstand flame and fire and all rugs do not move from their places because of underside sticky material.  

Anti Slip:

Fine quality Hot-melt thermoplastic, latex, and rubber materials are used for the backing of these mats which act as anti-slip and strongly fix them on the hardwood or tile floors. The makers particularly claim that the materials used in their backing for sticking purposes do not faint the floor’s brightness and are floor-friendly therefore, no need for additional pads to stick them in places.

Anti Fatigue:

These best kitchen runners for hardwood floors are soft cushioned to provide maximum comfort to pressure points of the body and while being the great massagers for your fatigued feet, they also make you energetic to stand longer such as preparing and cooking in the kitchen for a long time. 

Water Resistant:

Water-resistant is a must-have feature that these imported runner rugs have specifically for kitchens and bathrooms where water is used all the time so they contain materials that do not allow water to enter them and stay in position while being dry and fresh.

Specifications for Best Kitchen Runners for Hardwood Floors

Product NameColorMaterialSizeWeightDimensions
Luxurious Shaggy Chenille Kitchen/Bath Mat Runner  Taupe Brown Shaggy Chenille59” × 20”0.45 Kg12L × 10W × 1H
Maples Rugs Abstract Diamond Modern Distressed Non Slip RunnerNeutral WhiteNylon 2” × 6”1.4696 Kg72L × 24W × 0.43H
Ottomanson Garden Design Modern Runner RugBeige FloralPlastic or  Polypropylene20” × 59”0.49 Kg59L × 20W × 0.2H
Kitchen Rug Sets, Rugs for Kitchen Floor WashableGreyChenille17” × 48” + 17”× 24”1.737 Kg48L × 17W × 0.01H
IDesign Formbu Bamboo Floor Mat Non-Skid Water-Resistant RugNeutral TanNatural Bamboo24” × 72”1.56 Kg24.02L × 0.04W × 71.65H

Product Reviews

Top 5 Kitchen Runners for Hardwood Floors:

Luxurious Shaggy Chenille Kitchen/Bath Mat Non-Slip Kitchen Rug Taupe Brown Chenille Rug Striped Kitchen Mat Runner Water Absorbent Bath Rug Runner for Kitchen Floor, Taupe Brown, Size 59 &20 Inches


Turquoize has introduced the plush chenille anti-fatigue kitchen mats that come in 10 dashing colors like taupe brown, navy, ivory, grey, taupe, mauve, black, duck eggshell blue, and dove. These rectangular rugs are quite thick so that they can absorb water or other liquids without creating odors and make your kitchen floors completely waterless.

High-strength thermoplastic has been used in these mats to stay firmly in place, even if the kitchen or bath floors become wet as a result of the water activities created by adults or children, they do not slip out of place. These are considered the best rugs for kitchen hardwood floors that are Easy to use and provide warm cushioning to your tired feet.

Machine washing is recommended for these floor runners but avoid using chlorine bleach or softening agents, you can also remove dust from these rugs by just shaking them thoroughly.

Maples Rugs Abstract Diamond Modern Distressed Nonslip Runner Rug for Hallway Entry Way Floor Carpet [Made in the USA], 2 × 6


Maples square-shaped rugs are designed exactly like Moroccan rugs and are composed of long-lasting synthetic nylon fibers. Due to the latex backing, this type of anti-slip mats for kitchen, bedrooms, dining room, home office, and living areas are drift proof.

These low-profile runners with a height of 0.44 give an artistic and modern look. Wherever they have placed either hallway or entranceway. They come in a variety of colors and styles and can easily become part of the furniture of any place. But, be sure to place them in front of the furniture.

These high-quality and best kitchen runners for hardwood floors are manufactured in the United States and can be refreshed frequently after easy machine washing.

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Ottomanson Garden Design Modern Runner Rug, 20” X 59”, Beige Floral, 5 Feet


Ottomanson runners come in printed and stunning colors like beige floral, red floral, garden blue, and sage green floral. The leafy matching patterns on the earthy base help in remodeling your office, living room, playroom, and kitchen. Turkey has introduced these exclusive entry rugs for hardwood floors made of hard and synthetic polypropylene.

These are 20 X 59 small-sized rectangular and garden-designed runners with thick and sticking borders. That completes your rooms locating in front or under furniture. Their rubberized backings hold them firmly in place and prevent slipping.

Ottomanson rubber mat for kitchen floor proves hard-wearing and stain-proof. Which acts as a safeguard providing protection any kind of floor from dirt, abrasion, and erosion. You can enjoy your home décor with these stylish rugs that can be placed anywhere occupied by naughty kids or pets.

Kitchen Rug Sets – Rugs for Kitchen Floor Washable, Non-Slip Soft Kitchen Mat Set, Chenille Microfiber Material, Super Absorbent 17” X 48” + 17” X 24”


These custom anti-fatigue kitchen mats are available in elegant colors including Grey, Brown, Beige. And navy featuring quick water and oil soaking chenille microfibers material and TPR rubberized backing. These soft mats with high density chenille coarse hairs are ideally made to relieve feet fatigue. And can be placed below the countertops of kitchen, hallway, entryway, bed rooms, offices, and washrooms etc.

Vacuum or washing machines are recommended to prolong their usage. You can cleanse your rugs by quivering energetically. Bleach or any softener detergents should be avoided, always wash them with cold water and leave them in light sunlight for drying.

These cushioned floor mats for kitchen or any part of house function as anti-slip. Due to presence of strong grip of rubbers which is considered the shielded material used in the underside of these rugs to avoid slipping and falling.

What is special about them is that they thick as well as have the quick-drying property. Its manufacturer offers quality assurance while giving you the opportunity that in case of any issue you can contact its help center anytime.

iDesign Formbu Bamboo Floor Mat Non-Skid, Water – Resistant Runner Rug for Bathroom, Kitchen, Entryway, Hallway, Office, Mudroom, Vanity, 72” X 24”


Natural Tan colored iDesign mats are synthesized from bamboo wood with fabric borderline. They are completely compatible with hardwood or laminated floors of the kitchen, washroom, office, hallway, entryway, living room, and mudroom etc. These rugs are waterproof featuring nonslip underside which are most suitable for wooden or tile floors. While protecting them from scratches and erosion.

With these trendy and traditional floor mats for wood floors, you can add creativity and nature to your living areas. As their cleaning is very convenient and hassle-free, you just have to wash them with lukewarm water and soap. They come in size 24” × 72” that can fit in every kind of kitchen either cottage small or large and wherever they are placed in the home, they do not fade even in excess of water.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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We have reviewed the world’s best kitchen runners for hardwood floors, of all, If you have tight-budget and you are looking for something standardized then ottomans and bamboo are less priced as well as high-quality kitchen rugs. Sometimes good quality can be achieved at low prices but it depends on how much you have information about such products and sometimes a little more investment in good products is a wise decision to avoid repeated purchases.

Low-quality kitchen runners can never meet all kitchen requirements and that’s a total waste of money. The wide range of kitchen runners in the market creates confusion because some reputed companies have kitchen runners that have all the needed features otherwise it is very difficult to get all features in one type of runner. Hence, before selecting any rug, bear in mind what type and size of kitchen you have and what activities are most commonly used for and does it have all the necessary characteristics.

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