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Can you Vacuum Seal Frozen Meat?- Ultimate Guide

Can you vacuum seal frozen meat? It is preferred to buy groceries in bulk and store them for use at a later date. But we must try to reduce food wastage and spoilage while doing that. Food vacuum sealers will be your best companion for long-term food storage.

Did you know that vacuum-packed food can last up to three times longer than non-packaged food? A food vacuum sealer is specially produced to safeguard your food from getting perished. But it’s not just food, and you can seal your clothes too. A whole chicken vacuum sealer can act as a food saver and a safe space for your pricey garments.

can you vacuum seal frozen meat

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Can you vacuum seal frozen meat? Simple Ways:

The primary function of a whole chicken vacuum sealer is to remove all the excess air from the sealed bag because exposure to air will perish your food at a faster rate. Next, the heated sealer bar will fuse the sides of the bag so that the air doesn’t leak into the bag. In this way, all your food will be safe from pungent smells, and the nutrients will also remain intact.  The following are the steps you must follow to seal the bag:

  1. First, align the bag with the heated seal bar.
  2. Next, all the excess will be drawn out of the vacuum sealer bag.
  3. A tight seal is formed at the end of both sides of the bag, and it is now ready to go into your refrigerator.

Essential Types of Sealers

While choosing the vacuum seal soup, you must first figure out the intended purpose. You must know the extent of food sealing needed in your household, your budget, and whether you intend to store liquids. There are mainly two types of vacuum sealer machines available in the market- Chamber, and External. Apart from that, a pistol-type vacuum sealer machine is also used for specific purposes.

 Chamber Meat and Chicken vacuum sealer machines

Chamber vacuum sealers are designed in a way to support bulk food storage. If you’re sealing liquids and other foodstuffs in large batches, then this will be a suitable type. These machines have a high cost ,but their heavy mechanism offers great functionality than an external sealer machine. If you’re looking for a durable kitchen appliance, a chamber sealer machine is a must-have.

chicken vacuum sealer

External vacuum machines

If you are sealing your food once in a blue moon, then these external vacuum machines are good for you. They are much affordable as compared to a chamber vacuum sealer machine and also give a tight seal. However, the performance and functionality may not be as good as the chamber machine. If you’re willing to try out a portable vacuum sealer machine for the first time, then an external vacuum machine will be a good choice.

Pistol-type Vacuum sealer for Whole Chickens:

The main feature of a pistol-type vacuum sealer is the adjustable pulse mode. It means that you can draw the air as per your preference, unlike the chamber machine. This type of vacuum sealer machine is usually suitable in applications where you can take the sealer to the bag. A pistol-type sealer machine consists of an in-built valve that allows you to seal the bag manually using a portable sealer tool and then draw air through the pipe.

Painless Vacuum Sealer for whole Chickens Accessories:

Sealer bags are the most essential accessory that you will need along with your vacuum sealer for whole chickens. Several other vacuum sealer accessories are bound to increase the overall performance and functionality of your sealer.

vacuum sealer for whole chickens

Vacuum sealer bags and rolls

Depending upon the type of sealer machine you buy, you will need to choose between a mesh-textured and smooth-textured bag. Remember that the sealer bags are not interchangeable. It will be useful if you select the size of the roll or kit according to your machine. A sealer bag with an open-end shorter than the sealer bar will be best if you have a chamber machine. Alternatively, you can but plastic rolls to cut custom-sized bags.

Vacuum sealer canisters

Vacuum sealer canisters are quite useful if you want to sell items that are prone to breakage such as cereals, biscuits other dry foodstuffs. These canisters act like a reusable container and allow an external machine to marinate and pack liquid-rich foods. Before buying a cartridge make sure it is compatible with your portable vacuum sealer machine.


Vacuum sealer filler plates

Filler plates are used when you want to pack small bags that will not require the whole chamber. A filler plate can be used to take up space and speed up the sealing process. You can take the filler plate out whenever you want to seal larger bags.

Bone guards

Almost all the meat we store is likely to have sharp edges that can puncture the bag and create a huge mess. The purpose of a bone guard is to provide extra padding to prevent the bag from tearing apart during the sealing process.

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What food can be Vacuum Sealed Effortlessly?

From fruits and veggies to meat, almost all food items can be sealed very quickly. But you must keep in mind a few factors before sealing certain types of foods.

Blanch before vacuum sealing

Vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, sprouts or turnips must be blanched before sealing. All you have to do is boil them for a while and then submerge in ice water. This will prevent the veggies from getting cooked. Blanching helps to stop enzyme production that contaminates the food over time.

Food that should not be vacuum sealed

Unpasteurized cheese, mushrooms, and garlic are some of the foods that cannot be sealed because they are likely to contain anaerobic bacteria which can spread in the vacuum sealer bag.

Apart from these factors,  make sure that you allow the food to cool down at room temperature before sealing. Sealing at high temperatures will grow bacteria.

Choosing the Best Meat and Chicken Vacuum Sealer

Different types of vacuum sealer machines work well in their intended applications. That is why you should keep in mind the amount of liquid food you want to store and how much sealing you are willing to do daily.

Can I store Vacuum Seal Soup?

Well, this depends on the type of sealer you have purchased.

Chamber sealer machines are compatible with all food items such as veggies, dry snacks, and even liquid-rich foods. Just make sure the bag is tightly sealed at both ends ,and you are good to go.

External sealer machines are not the best ones when for storing liquid food items such as vacuum seal soup or marinated meat as the bag is more prone to getting leaked. Some external sealers do have an option especially to seal marinated foods ,but this requires a canister and increases the seal processing time. A quick fix would be to just freeze the liquid before sealing it.

What is the ideal vacuum sealed chicken machine for commercial applications?

vacuum sealed chicken work exceptionally well in commercial applications. They have a faster processing time and efficiently cater to bulk food storage. For faster processing time, you must choose a vacuum sealer that has the larger sealer bar or multiple seal bars. It will allow you to seal multiple bags simultaneously. An oil pump is also recommended for smooth sealing as compared to dry pumps.

External machines are a good option for small food batches. Since they don’t have a large sealer bar, you can’t accommodate multiple bags at once. An external machine will only be effective if you’ll be using a hand held vacuum sealer for light-weight food items.

vacuum sealed chicken

What is the best vacuum sealer for Sous-vide cookery?

If sous vide cooking is your cup of tea, the chamber vacuum sealer machine will come in very handy for you. They offer great versatility for liquid-rich foods. The large sealer bars are also capable for sealing a lot of bags in a short time.

External machines will not be the ideal one for sous vide cooking because they are best suited for small quantities. There is a possibility of the liquid getting leaked from the bag and contaminating your food.

Chamber sealer machines are compatible with smooth-textured sealer bags. These bags are a bit pricey as compared to other alternatives. But each pack comes with enough sealer bags to last you a month easily.

External sealer machines use mesh-textured sealer bags. These bags are available at an affordable price ,but each pack contains few sealer bags ,which you will buy the frequently. The mesh-textured sealer bags provide an extra grip that is necessary for a tight seal.

All in all, if you are willing to use a handheld vacuum sealer machine now and then, a chamber vacuum sealer will be more cost-effective in the long run due to the lower cost per bag.

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After going to the buyer’s guide, we hope you will be able to choose a suitable whole chicken vacuum sealer for your food and clothes or household. No matter what model you opt for, your food will undoubtedly stay fresh for a longer time as compared to conventional storing methods.

Having said that, make sure you check out our review for the best portable vacuum sealer machines to learn more about the features and functionality of the different models.

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