Coffee Station Ideas for Kitchen Counter

In cold regions, coffee is definitely something that is really needed immediately after fininishing a meal. If you are addicted to coffee so it would be wise decision to build a coffee station at home instead of traveling long distances and looking for a coffee. It will not only save your money on expensive bars but also save you from getting more tired every day.

Coffee Station Ideas for Kitchen Counter

Every home has free space or corner somewhere that is suitable for a smart coffee station and all the coffee supplies must be available in a bar, otherwise any coffee station without its essential supplies is incomplete and useless. Another advantage of having a coffee station at home is that you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones and family. Beside that, you can also discuss lot of business and private matters by inviting your friends and co-workers for coffee at home. 

Different aesthetic and traditional to modern tools or accessories can be used as coffee station ideas for kitchen counter that can help in remodeling any home by giving it a new look. These accessories actually provide creative ideas that can be applied to make any coffee station stylish and innovative including  simple and chic, farmhouse, modern space saving, keuring, and antique coffee bar styles etc.

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Must have Item for coffee station

Make sure that your coffee station has all of these supplies if anything is missing or scantling this list will guide you to recover it.

  • Coffee Maker
  • Coffee Grinder
  • Hot Water Dispenser
  • Coffee Beans
  • Milk Frother
  • 6 to 8 Coffee Cups Or Mugs
  • Bowls
  • Sugar
  • Napkin
  • Multi-Level Tray
  • Coffee Jars for Storage
  • Biscotti
  • Creamer and Sweeteners
  • Spoons
  • Cinnamon

Coffee Station Ideas for Kitchen Counter

Here we gather traditional to trendy world famous coffee station ideas for kitchen counter which will not only definitely work for cottage small to large sized kitchen but also affordable.

 Storage Cabinets and Cupboards:

Coffee Station Ideas for Kitchen Counter

An excellent and perfect coffee station is one that has all necessary tools from storing to displaying the coffee items as the cabinets and cupboards of different styles are one of them. There is often lack of space for simple and chic coffee bar to modern coffee bar which have to be created in small sized kitchen so in this regards, cabinets and cupboard provide ample space for storing and hiding cups, spoons, sugar, coffee jars, napkins and even a coffee maker.

If you do not want kitchen visitors to have trouble finding coffee and tee items and they easily get everything, must remove the cabinets or cupboard doors to display every item clearly.

Another option is that you can fill these well-stocked coffee cabinets and cupboard with modern style organizers and baskets which in turn have the capacity to store the coffee and tea supplies. Semi-transparent Crisscross cupboards are all time favorite that add sophistication and traditional style to a coffee station in the kitchen.

 Open Floating Shelves:

Coffee Station Ideas for Kitchen Counter

Open shelving above the kitchen counter is the great idea to maximize the space and storing the coffee items, especially when your kitchen lacking cabinets or cupboards. A vast variety of shelves is available online or in the market, its your personal choice as to what size, style, and material of shelves to choose for your space saving coffee bar.

Most of the updated shelves are designed with s-shaped hooks so that cups or mugs and spoons can be hung on them. Due to the small kitchen counter, coffee packets or sachet, coffee pods, sugar, creamer or sweeteners, and stirrers can be placed in line or randomly on these floating shelves. Another space storing tool is navy and copper box with metal hooks which can be mounted on the back wall of counter to hang the 10-12 cups instead of shelves.

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Cup or Mug Holder:

Coffee Station Ideas for Kitchen Counter

Another idea to store the cups or mugs is cup holder that can be placed on the small counter and also saves place. These cup or mug holders are lighter in weight and make the clear view of simple plain white to colorful mugs. Tree style mug holders grab more attraction by adding the creativity to your coffee station, some people prefer refreshed antique coffee bar and farmhouse ideas for their kitchen counter in which they use cake plates or pans to gather and arrange the cups and mugs in round form which seriously looks amazing.

Multi-Level Tray, Organizers and Baskets:

Multi level trays, organizers and baskets are alternatives of cabinets and drawers. You skillfully arrange them on any corner of kitchen counter and store coffee beens, spoons, coffee pods, creamer, milk and sweeners, napkins, glasses ,cups or even sometimes coffee maker altogether. These tools are provided with valuable spaces and help keep the small coffee station clean and clutter-free.

Coffee Station Ideas for Kitchen Counter

Rustic wooden and wire storage baskets, bins, and trays add modern farmhouse beauty to your counter coffee station. This countryside innovation also effective where separate coffee station like buffet or side table are created.

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Decorative Stuff:

Every part of house either kitchen or living room is deserted without natural beauty so why deprive the coffee stations of this green treasure. Not only greenry like small faux, cactti pots and sunflower vases but also lot of other accessories are available in market for the decoration of coffee stations such as geometric or asthetic wall prints and other acrylic coffee stickers.

You can even make your simple coffee station unique and modish by writing the persuasive and welcoming quotes on the white or black board and hang it on the wall above the kitchen counter.

Kitchen Counter Or Sider Buffet/Table: Which Coffee Station Idea is the Best?

Coffee Station Ideas for Kitchen Counter

Both ideas are great with a little difference as the coffee station ideas for kitchen counter have more advantages and efficient over side table coffee station ideas but it depends which idea best suits your tastes and needs.

Here we will discuss both coffee station ideas so that we can properly understand the importance of both and which of them is most serviceable and useful.

Differences between Kitchen Counter Coffee Station and Buffet Coffee Station

  • At kitchen counter coffee station you can easily get every item for coffee in one place, on the other hand, when there is a shortage of something at buffet coffee station like creamer, sugar and water, you have to turn to the kitchen to restore them.
  • Water supply is essential for any coffee station because water is needed all the time to make coffee and to clean the coffee bar and coffee pots such as cups, trays, spoons and filters etc. Therefore, it is possible only at the counter coffee station where water is always available by means of sink or dishwasher and you do not have to run for water due water scarcity, as is often the case at buffet coffee bar.
  • Tea or coffee is sometimes badly needed to relive the fatigue during long-term cooking in the kitchen so in that case anyone would want coffee and all of its ingredients to be available near or in the kitchen at the same time.

Coffee Station Ideas for Kitchen Counter

Coffee Station StyleCoffee MakerCabinetsShelvesOrganizer, Tray, BasketCup or Mug HolderAccessories
Built-in-Coffee BarHand Crafted Rocket Appartamento Or Expresso Coffee MakerCabinets with Interior Narrow RacksOpen Shelves with S-Shaped HooksNoneAny Cup Holder or Cake PansCrate Inspired Rolling Drawer for Taller bottles
Simple and Chic Coffee BarAny Coffee MakerNot needed Shelves with 4-5 movable S-Shaped HooksSeven Compartment Coffee Condiment Organizer Or BasketMug Rack Tree3-4 Tiers Storage Rack, Storage Drawers
Modern Farmhouse Coffee BarExpresso or any Coffee MakerWhite Cabinetry with Crisscross DoorsDIY Pipe ShelvesWeathered Tobacco Baskets, Galvanized Storage BinsAny Mug Rack for 10-15 MugsWire Storage Rack, Small Flowerpots, Sunflower Vase
Keurig Coffee BarKeurig K- Classic Coffee MakerCabinets of Any KindShelves with Hanging HooksRolling Tray Or BasketsSpiral or Patterned Mug TreeStorage Drawers, Small Flower pots
Refreshed Antique Coffee BarAny Coffee Maker or Hand madeCabinets Above and below the countertopWooden rustic Open ShelvesWooden Rustic Or Wire Storage BasketsAny Cup HolderJars, Decorative Small Flowerpots
Modern Coffee BarExpresso, Keurig Or any Branded Coffee MakerLacquer or Closed CabinetsModern style Open Shelves with HooksLabelled Organizers, BasketsSpiral Or Patterned Mug TreeGeometric or Asthetic Wall Décor, Faux Greenry, Sleek Canisters
Space Saving Coffee BarAny Coffee MakerCabinets of any kindNavy and Copper Box with Metal Hooks for 12 CupsCopper TrayNot NeededNot Needed Or If Required

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where to Set Up a Coffee Station in a Kitchen?

The best place to build a cute coffee station is the countertop of your kitchen. It is advisable to choose a corner or any spot of a counter for a  coffee bar which should be close to the regrigerator but it must have top and bottom storage cabinets.

This selected part of kitchen counter should not be too far from sink as water is required frequently for coffee preparation and washing and cleaning of coffee pots and mugs. In addition, the place where the coffee station is built should have easy access to all coffee supplies.

What Should be the height of the Kitchen Countertop to Set Up a Coffee bar and differentiate between the counter height and bar height?

Actually kitchen counters possess the heights of 30 to 38 inches therefore, 1 to 2 feet high countertop is welcoming to a appealing coffee bar. Professional coffee bar is slightly higher than the kitchen counter as the coffee bar is made with the height of 42 inches according to the public preferences and kitchen counters are designed with the standard height of 36 inches so that everyone in the house can have access to them conveniently.

What Place in the Kitchen is Ideal for having a Coffee Maker?

It can be any place in your kitchen that you like where you can use a coffee maker without interruption but it is advisable to keep it on the either side of counter or on the lower shelf on the wall. You can also store it inside the cabinets above or below the counter but one thing needs to be kept in mind that whatever place you choose for it is close to the water supply.

What are the important things that needs the most attention When Building a Small Coffee Station in a Kitchen?

Here are a some coffee station ideas for kitchen counter to consider first while remodeling your kitchen.

Whether the kitchen is cottage small or big try to upgrade it with the beauty of art so focus on blank wall and decorate it with geometric prints or chalkboard with inspirational words

Lighting functions as a life giving and makes any tiny and dark kitchen attractive and interesting place. It also adds colors and if the lighting set up is designed in such a way that is correlated with your kitchen color scheme, it will make your kitchen more spacious and brighter.

If you do not want your kitchen to look like a warehouse in that case must choose small sized accessories for a cute coffee station.

Flower pots and vases always work as this addition to any coffee station give traditional and natural feel and refresh the heart and eyes.


It’s difficult to go to a professional bar for a mooring coffee every day especially when you are getting late for your office and doing so on a daily basis can also increase your monthly budget. Therefore, the only way to avoid this hassle is to research the best coffee station ideas on the internet and create a smart coffee station at home.

Designing a coffee station at home will definitely require necessary supplies and equipment or accessories which are described in detail in this article. If you succeeded in building a coffee station at home by properly following these aesthetic and creative coffee station ideas, you can enjoy a tasty Cappuccino, Frappuccino, and Latte at home just like a professional bar.

But it’s also important to choose the right coffee maker such as Keurig and espresso coffee makers are the most preferred coffee brands. Over the last few years, coffee stations built on the kitchen counter have become most wanted which is quite beneficial. You can build any style of the coffee station in any part of the house with any budget.

We hope the information and coffee station ideas for the kitchen counter outlined above will help you make a new decision for your home.

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