Dining Tables for Small Spaces that Expand

Top 6 Dining Tables for Small Spaces that Expand

The dining tables are considered to be most spacious furniture and these cover lot of space therefore, it is important to first estimate the exact size of dining table according to the suitability of the place where this table is to be placed. We are all looking for home appliances somewhere that can bring us maximum benefit and comfort.

Dining Tables for Small Spaces that Expand

It is very difficult to arrange all necessary equipment in tiny places like cottages, hostel rooms and outdated small houses. Similarly, before buying the dining tables for small spaces that expand, it is very important to consider some of the features of the perfect dining tables.

Ideal dining tables for tiny spaces must have quick assembly, drop leaf top, storage shelves or cabinets, comfortable sitting for a long time and space for hiding chairs when not in use. It is also important to consider the material when choosing the dining tables.

Modern and trendy dining tables available in today’s market include hard wood dining tables, metal dining table, wood and metal dining tables, painted metal and laminated top dining tables etc. so here we have selected top 6 space saving expandable dining tables that can be placed anywhere due to their amazing features.

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Buyer’s Guide:


These dining tables for tiny spaces are available in wood, metal, glass, faux and marble as dining tables made of teak, mango, acacia and pine are best because they last a long time and when scars appear because of high temperature and moisture, it can be rebuilt. Metal Dining tables made of brass, zinc and stainless steel are also hard-wearing and reliable.

Tables made of painted version of metals are strong resistant to corrosion and inexpensive but it cannot be repaired easily. Large variety of Laminate top dining tables is available in market for traditional and fashionable interiors and is considered less-expensive, rust-proof and durable with little maintenance.


All small space expandable dining tables recommended in this article are quite budget-friendly. Glass, metal, painted metal, faux and laminates are low priced than wood but pine, acacia, teak, mango tables are really affordable and meet every kitchen requirement, big or small.

 Drop Leaf Top

Dining table with drop leaf top is considered the best and perfect of all modern designed dining tables in today’s market because this type of table are specifically designed for tiny and narrow places. Drop leaves are helpful in expanding the extra sitting if you want your family and friends to sit with you and discuss important issues for a long time.

Storage shelves

These space saving dining tables display their functionality because of having imported and good looking storage shelves which are attached with table to store the essentials so you can get them on table immediately on time. You can store kitchen utensils, books, newspaper, small boxes or anything in these shelves. In this way, your work will not be interrupted and time will be saved.

Towel Holder

Towel holder is another amazing feature of these folding dining tables, now you hang your paper towel and napkin on towel holder on either side of the table and get rid of hassle of finding them here and there.

Locked Wheels

Beneath dining tables are rolling wheels that help you to move these tables from one place to another when needed but if you want to localize these tables, you can lock them and stop their movement. Sometimes due to these rolling wheels, these tables constantly move back and forth automatically, in which case, it is necessary to lock the wheels to prevent the table from moving.

Quick Assembly

These space conserving dining tables are designed in such a way that they can be packed quickly in very short time. If the stools that come along with table are not in use then you can easily insert them inside the table and free up space for other things.

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Specification for Top 6 Dining Tables for Small Spaces that Expand

Product NameColorMaterialWeightDimensionsShape
Winsome Wood Suzanne KitchenWoody BrownWood25.855 Kg29L × 29.61W × 32.76HSquare
Tiptiper Folding Dining Table, versatile Dinner table with 6 Wheels and 2 Storage RacksWalnut Brown and WhiteWood28.486 Kg51.2L × 31.5W × 28.7HRectangle
Casual Home Drop Leaf Breakfast Cart with 2 stoolsWhite and BrownAmerican Maple and Pine Wood22.317 Kg32L × 29.75W × 33HSemicircle
Nathan James Viktor Kitchen Pub Table Marble Top Fabric Seat Wood BaseWhite or Light GrayWood29.937 Kg37.64L × 23.23W × 34.61HQuadrilateral
Dorel Living Tanner 3-Piece Brass Pub Set with Faux Marble TopMetallic BrownWood29.937 Kg24L × 42W × 36HRectangle
3-Piece 36in Wooden Counter Height Dining Table Set for KitchenEspresso BlackMetal, Wood22.498 Kg36L × 19.5W × 36HRectangle

Product Reviews

List of Top 6 Dining Tables for Small Spaces that Expand:

  • Winsome Wood Suzanne Kitchen
  • Tiptiper Folding Dining Table, Versatile Dinner Table with 6 Wheels and 2 Storage Racks, Space Saving Extendable Kitchen Table
  • Casual Home Drop Leaf Breakfast Cart with 2 Stools
  • Nathan James Viktor Kitchen Pub Table Marble Top Fabric Seat Wood Base
  • Dorel Living Tanner 3-Piece Brass Pub Set with Faux Marble Top
  • 3-Piece 36in Wooden Counter Height Dining Table Set for Kitchen, Dining Room w/Storage Shelves, Metal Frame, 2 Barstools

Winsome Wood Suzanne Kitchen


Suzanne 3pc space saver set is made of china hard wood with yellowish-brown coating. Winsome Wood Suzanne cart contains one towel rail, drop leaf-shaped top, two drawers, two stools and four casters, you easily pull both stools out and reaffix inside the kitchen cart. You can extend sitting due to its drop leaf design and enjoy company of your family and friends anytime.

The measurements of stools are 11.4D, 11.4W, 20.8H which provide ideal sitting to its purchasers and because of having movable wheels; you can easily move it from one place to another.  Furthermore, you can also lock and unlock the two wheels; lockable wheels will completely restrict the relocation of this cart and this kitchen cart set can be assembled quickly in a short time.

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Tiptiper Folding Dining Table, Versatile Dinner Table with 6 Wheels and 2 Storage Racks


Tiptiper small space expandable dining table is present-time artistic and foldable kitchen sitting set that is ideally made for small kitchens and apartments. You can use its drop leafy desk on tiny stand for writing, reading, eating and other activities and you can easily place it under the window or near bed or in any corner to conserve the space.

This versatile dining table comprises of 2 active plates, 2 storage shelves and 6 moveable casters. You can lock or unlock the 4 wheels as per your requirement, so this space conserving table can be shifted and placed anywhere when it is unlocked.

The manufacturer has further improved this folding table by adding another plate locking feature as the customers can lock or unlock the drop leafy plates with the help of buckles hidden at the center of the table. Its full size is recommended for four people and half size for 1-3 people.

Another useful feature is 2 storage shelves at the base of this folding table which help to store kitchen appliances like plates and mugs or you can use these shelves for daily used stuff like book, newspaper and writing pads.

You can easily assemble it within the stipulated time by following the instruction book provided with the table set. This space saving table is abrasion-proof, temperature resistant, its clean and flat surface allows you to clean it conveniently. So wherever it is placed, it not only enhances the beauty of the place and saves space but also provides you the extra counter space to do the different tasks.  

Casual Home Drop Leaf Breakfast Cart with 2 Stools


This semicircle casual home breakfast cart comes in white and brown color and is made of hard wood. This cart set comprises of 2 stools, 1 table, 2 drawers, 2 paper towel rails, and lockable wheels. This package provides nesting space to store the stools underside of the table thus it can be packed in minutes.

Now you do not have to look around for a towel, its towel hanging feature eliminates the hassle of finding and hanging towel now you know where to get towel right away.

Its movable wheels make maneuverability easier and can be locked if needed. It is long-lasting, heat resistant and abrasion proof but if there is a problem that the customer faces after buying it, he can return this cart set within 30 days.

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Nathan James Viktor Kitchen Pub Table Marble Top Fabric Seat Wood Base


Nathan James Viktor dining table for tiny spaces is hand-crafted, cost efficient and made of hard pinewood with elegant and long-lasting laminated sheets of marble. Eye catching colors, finishes and sizes of Viktor dining set are manufactured to suit every type of kitchen.

Viktor dining set comprises of one white or gray colored table and two matching stools made of soft polyester cushion which are comfortable enough to perform any difficult task. This stylish and space efficient dining set can be easily placed in any small room, tiny kitchen and public house.

You can protect your floor from scratches and abrasion by using four spherical sticking pads provided with this dining table at the time of purchasing moreover, you can quickly pack this table set within 10-15 minutes.

Nathan James Company offers its customers a 90 days free return with a refund so this way it’s completely reliable and save your time as well.

Dorel Living Tanner 3-Piece Brass Pub Set with Faux Marble Top


Dorel dining table comes in different materials, colors and styles including traditional to modern designs perfectly matched to any sized space. Hard wood with brass finish is used to give it a traditional look and this 5-piece dining set has one square table with 2 straight matching stools and its manufacturer offers 1 year warranty.

Dorel small dining room table that expands to cover any tiny space looks magical with faux marble countertop, brass coated base and 3-compact glass shelves.  Table’s Shelves are specially made to accommodate many of your daily needs and you can store glasses, mugs, bottles or anything you think should be present immediately with the table.

If you feel that the dining table is no longer in use, you can easily insert stools inside the table to free up space for other things so it is very convenient to assemble this table set on time. Now you can utilize every corner of your home with this smart table set and enjoy any type of meal with your family and friend anytime.   

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3-Piece 36 inch Wooden Counter Height Dining Table Set for Kitchen, Dining Room w/Storage Shelves, Metal Frame, 2 Barstools


This wooden high countertop dining table is made of solid wood and metal possessing espresso black color and comprises of one rectangle table, two metal chairs with soft padding and set of broad shelves.

Metal is used to make table tops and its chairs for long -term use and its adjacent wide shelves p provide ample space to store different things like kitchenware and books, its domed and soft padded chairs give you pleasant sitting and enable you to enjoy quality time with your friends, colleagues and family members.

This heighted small space expandable dining table is water proof and heat-tolerant and can be used for multi-purposes; its comfortable chair-set can be easily and quickly assembled inside the table. This space saving dining table fits perfectly in your hostel, hotel, kitchen, apartments or anywhere you want personal meeting with your guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell us a little bit about the wheels, can they be separated from the table?

You don’t need to add anything to this table; wheels are already pre-installed by the manufacturer. If you remove the wheels, the height of the table will be reduced by 2 inches and stools will look little higher than the table. You can lock two of the four wheels to restrict the movement of the table. This locking feature of space saving table is really awesome!

Can towel bar be placed on other side of the table?

It would not be right decision to do this, if you place towel bar on the other side of the table so for that you will need proper drilling to create the two holes to hang the towel bar on the either side of the table. But by doing so, you will lose the towel bar and it will become the handle of the dining table which can be used to move the table anywhere.

Does not Tiptiper folding dining table wobble after putting things on it?

These dining tables are made of solid wood and quite stocky, there is no danger of shaking even after placing kitchen utensils, books and other items on this table. But that does not mean you sit at the table or stand on it, then off course, it may crack or slip and cause serious injury to the person sitting on it. Otherwise, these dining tables stand firmly in place holding the miscellaneous items.

I want to protect my marble floor from scratches. Are soft pads for table and chairs also included in the package?

The folding dining table makers take great care of the safety of your floor that is why abrasion proof soft pads are also given in the package to protect your shining floor from abrasion. But these protecting pads are provided only for the chairs and not for the table because the wheels are already installed at the bottom of the table for maneuverability so the pads are not needed for it.

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All of the dining tables mentioned above are the best ones that fit easily even in the smallest spaces due to their drop leaf trendy designs and convenient assembly in minutes. Their other useful features are storage shelves, locked wheels towel holder and easily tucking chairs which are included along with the dining tables to cover all the requirements of any tiny kitchen or area.

If you have a tight budget and you are searching for a dining table set for you cottage kitchen that can be extended later then our recommended dining tables for tiny spaces will help you to make a right decision. These dining tables are adjustable, expandable, fashionable and reliable and the material they are made from does not damage for years, they just need a little repair over time if needed.

The makers of these folding space conserving dining tables are respond quickly to any issues or queries and you can even call them at any time to get information about these dining set. Be sure to read terms and policies of their companies before purchasing these dining sets as they offer 100% refund and replacement in case of any item malfunction.

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