How to Arrange Appliances in Small Kitchen (2)

How to arrange Appliances in Small Kitchen

If you think your small kitchen is a problem, just beat it with creative and terrific rearranging ideas to make it a perfect room for cooking. One thing that needs to be understood here is how would the kitchen be used in the spaceship in space and submarine in the ocean?

You can’t call a room a kitchen without appliances, all you need to do is set-up the kitchen appliances neatly in a little kitchen so that the kitchen does not get messy and when you need something, you can easily get it.

In this article, we will learn how to make a small kitchen a complete kitchen and how to arrange all necessary appliances in it by using the different ideas, and where to hide unnecessary and less used appliances.

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How to arrange Appliances in Small Kitchen, What to Add and What to Remove

Before you do anything, you plan it and then follow it. Make a list by following the same thing. First of all add those appliances without which a kitchen is incomplete and are the basic needs of the kitchen such as oven, sink, cooker, and refrigerator, etc. Get rid of extra stuff to make your kitchen uncluttered right now, because appliances take up so much space.

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Make more space for your small kitchen by following the instructions below:

  1. Eliminate heavy appliances that are not used in your daily routine or shift them to storage areas
  2. Replace a larger dishwasher with a half-sized dishwasher or small sink to free up space
  3. Try to buy a small-sized refrigerator and oven for your tiny kitchen
  4. Be specific in the selection of utensils and keep as many pots as needed and remove the rest
  5. One small sized cutting board and sink bowl are enough for a smart kitchen
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Triangle Idea for Large Appliances

Whether it is a small kitchen or a big one, the traditional triangle idea is suitable for both. When the large appliances like refrigerator, sink, and oven are set in a triangle in such a way that they guide each other and one after the other becomes easier to access.

You can adjust the triangle to fit the size of your kitchen. It has been observed that the sink is next to the refrigerator and the oven is set apart from the two but it is close to the two. So using this triangle technique, you can easily prepare, clean, and store food without any hassle.

Necessary Appliances for Small Kitchen Counter

The most important part of the kitchen is the counter for which appliances are chosen very wisely so that it does not look overcrowded and there should be always enough space on it that you can easily move appliances from one place to another when needed.

Most of the time is spent on the countertop where most of the meal preparation is done like cutting, mixing and chopping, etc. You can also read another good article at The Spruce.

The following are the appliances needed for a small kitchen counter:

  • Microwave Oven:

The microwave oven is one of the most important kitchen appliances that need to be available in every kitchen and it takes up a lot of place on the kitchen counter therefore, it is better to mount it on the wall through a mounting plate over the countertop instead of placing it on the counter. This is exactly how the microwave oven hangs in the gallery kitchen which consists only of countertop space.

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  • Kitchen Chopping Board:

In every kitchen, whether it is small or large, chopping/cutting boards matter without which food cannot be prepared. But because of the lack of space on the counter in a small kitchen, the chopping boards should be large enough that you can sit in any part of the house and enjoy cutting fruits and vegetables on these chopping boards.

  • Pull-Out Drawer:

For small appliances such as juicers, coffee makers, and blenders that are needed daily in the kitchen, they should be placed on the pull-out drawer in such a way that the counter space can be vacated for other things and easily approachable when needed.

  • Expandable Cookware Organizer:

An expandable cookware organizer is the best appliance to be placed on a tiny kitchen counter to collect pans, pots, dishes, baking sheets, and lids in one place and save space, you can modify it by adding more wires for more utensils.

  • 6-Piece Stylish Organizer Buffet Caddy set:

Like other gadget organizers, a 6-piece stylish buffet candy set is another organizer in which you can collect and store 6-plates, spoons, forks, knives, and napkins in one place on the kitchen countertop and these organizers are perfect appliances specifically for small kitchen.

  • Counter Garage:

It is also called a garage-like door as it is suitable for a small kitchen counter and is built in the corner of the countertop to store small appliances like a juicer, blender, coffee maker, and toaster oven. It looks like a tiny door but there is enough space inside it in which you can store many small appliances for daily use.

  • The Back Wall of Countertop:

The back wall of a kitchen counter can be decorated with essentials and wall décor. Hanging racks, shelves, and hooks can be used for this purpose, and by doing so, the back wall of the counter looks beautiful and some of the small appliances and gadgets you use daily, such as can opener, spatulas, spoons, and knives become visible for immediate use.

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Kitchen Appliances Storage Cabinets

Cabinets are built just above the oven and countertop in any kitchen to store and hide small or large appliances as kitchen cabinets are a useful and essential part of any kitchen which plays a vital role in hiding both useless and heavy stuff.

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The following are the details of which appliances are kept in kitchen cabinets and how they are used:

  • Add Riser to Cabinets:

The riser is one such gadget that can be added to your cabinets to increase the space of your cabinets therefore you can arrange plates, cups, bowls, glasses, dishes, and other things on both top and bottom of the riser in any cabinet.

  • Add Filing Organizer to Cabinets:

The filing organizer is fitted with screws in the middle of cabinets so that the occasional used heavy trays, extra chopping boards can be kept orderly. Screw fitted filing organizer are reliable and does not come out by pulling off anything from cabinets.

  • Cabinet Doors:

The interior of the cabinet doors can also be used to store various items such as can and bottle openers, grocery bags, keys, and scissors, etc. carrier basket and hooks are suitable for such storage inside the cabinet doors.

  • Transparent Containers for Spices:

Every type of cooking in the kitchen requires spices which must be immediately available at all time but it is sometimes difficult to keep these spices permanently on a small kitchen counter so the best solution is to put these spices in transparent containers and store them in one of the cabinets just above the range where they are easily accessible.

The advantage of storing these spices in transparent containers is that they can be easily labeled and their more or less quantity can be monitored at all times.

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  • Heavy Appliances Storage:

Heavy appliances like aid mixer, cast iron skillets, pressure cooker, chopper, and Dutch oven should be placed in lower cabinets for safe use this way you did not easily pull them out at any time but also avoid any damage due to their heavyweight that can be happened by placing them in the upper cabinets.

  • Use Baskets for extra appliance storage:

Due to lack of space in a small kitchen, you can also store a variety of items in medium or large-sized baskets by placing them on top of the cabinets. For example, you can keep extra jars, bottles, containers in such baskets for later use.

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Aesthetic kitchen ideas to free up space

  • Complement standing cabinets or drawers:

As mentioned above, small kitchens have limited space to store appliances but some essential stuff must be available in every kitchen.  When small kitchen utensils are plentiful and there is a shortage of appliances to store them then setting up complement standing cabinets or drawers is the best idea to hide the kitchen accessories.

But there should be enough space under these standing cabinets or drawers so that the floor beneath them is visible so this way a tiny kitchen will look spacious and bright.

  • Clutter-free kitchen:

Filling the kitchen with junk also seems a bit cramped and dark, in this situation even if the kitchen is large, it is impossible to pass through it as the overcrowded kitchens look ugly.

Therefore for a small kitchen, only specific and needed appliances and stuff should be kept and hide the useless and extra items in different hiding places of the kitchen like basic kitchen cabinets, standing units, under-sink areas, and on the top of the cabinets, etc. The clean and free spaces of the kitchen make it an ideal place to cook and also arouse the desire to cook.

  • High kitchen cabinets:

Notice the ceiling of your kitchen, if your kitchen ceiling is high enough then you can increase the number of your kitchen cabinets and make them even higher to gather more kitchen accessories.

  • Use Wheeling Cart:

As we know that small or gallery kitchen countertops are too small and do not have enough to hold the essential appliances like coffee maker, microwave, toaster permanently so for such dwarf kitchen always use the wheeling cart aesthetic idea to store such appliances.

This is the best solution for small counters, now you can replace the counter with a wheeling cart as you can move the necessary appliances of the kitchen counter to the wheel cart temporarily or permanently.

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The wheeling cart has two portions, the upper portion can store the large counter appliances and the lower one can be used for plates, glasses, mugs, pots spoons, and forks. When you do not need counter appliances you can shift the cart from the kitchen to any other place to free up the kitchen space.

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Concluding Words

Remodeling and arranging a small kitchen is a challenging job that requires proper planning and effort as even a tiny or gallery kitchen can be organized brilliantly by adopting different creative methods. For instance, when you arrange the refrigerator, oven, and sink in your small kitchen in such a way that it is difficult to move from one place to another while working and it happens when you don’t follow the triangle idea.

Another example is the small kitchen countertop for which the appliances have to be chosen very carefully so that the counter does not seem to be overcrowded and the necessary appliances are also fulfilled on it.

This means appliances for such kitchen counter must be specific but some things like juicer, coffee maker, blender, sink stopper, dish soap, and sponges must be placed permanently on or near the counter so where should these things be kept? We often forget the back area of the sink where there is pretty good space for small appliance storage and where two to four small items can be placed for immediate use.

Lightening and color scheme for a small kitchen should also be chosen carefully so that even smaller kitchen looks quite bright and spacious. These are some creative ideas that how to arrange appliances in a small kitchen that we shared with you and we always keep an eye on creativity if this kind of kitchen which always lacks space can be remodeled with better renovation methods, so be sure to share them with us.

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