Hey folks! Don’t you have drawers in your kitchen? If yes, then don’t get worried. In most of the kitchens, there are no drawers. Without having drawers in the kitchen, it’s a little harder to organize the utensils. (Same as to organize your kitchen, your small kitchen you have to small kitchen sink and cabinet combo which increase your kitchen organization as well).

But we will find the alternate methods of organizing utensils in kitchen. How’s that? Just wow. After reading the following article, you’ll come to know how to organize kitchen utensils without drawers. But for this purpose, you will have to stick around with us. So, why are we waiting too long? Let’s move towards it.

Go for a pegboard:

This is the life-saving hack for which you can go. You can use it for hanging the utensils like pots and pans. Most probably, we keep such utensils in drawers. But if we don’t have them, then pegboard is one of the best alternative.

You can mount a pegboard on any free wall. And then you will be able to hang whatever you want on it. So, those folks, who don’t have drawers in their kitchen, should buy a pegboard for their kitchen. It can accommodate enough utensils at a time.


Use the top of your cabinets:

This is another place where you can keep your utensils. But as the cabinets are at height so, you may feel difficult while taking utensils from there. Those utensils that you use on daily basis, and you need them twice or thrice a day should not be placed there.

You can keep less frequently used utensils on the top of the cabinet. In this way, it will be easier for you to take it. But the top of the cabinets is wide, so, you can place enough things there. It can accommodate all of them.

Hang them below your upper cabinets:


This is another idea you can go for with ease. Upper cabinets are mounted in every kitchen. You can use their bottom for hanging some of the utensils. Their bottom is not small. So, you can hang enough things. All you need is to fix some of the hooks.

Then you can hang spoons, spatulas, some pans, and anymore. Bottom of the cabinets is the best substitute of drawers. Also, you will be able to take them without any difficulty. So, try to utilize the bottom of your upper cabinets if you don’t have drawers in your kitchen.

Try to accommodate enough things in the lower cabinet:

Lower cabinets are nothing but a blessing. They are wide and large as compared to upper cabinets. Am I right? Yeah, I am. And this case is same in every kitchen. So, you can place a lot of large-sized utensils in lower cabinets. These include large pots, large-sized pans, cutting boards, and many more.

Half of your problem will be solved if there are lower cabinets in your kitchen. Also, you will not feel any problem while taking them out. Just bend and take out whatever you want.


Utilize free walls:

If there are free walls in your kitchen, then you are the luckiest person ever. You really don’t know, how many utensils a free wall can accommodate. You just have to buy a lot of hooks. Fix that hooks and hang whatever you want. Hanging all the necessary utensils on wall can be beneficial for you. Because they all will be in front of your eyes.

So, you will never forget them. Or you will not have to search them before using. Then utilize all the free walls in your kitchen right now.

Keep less-required utensils out of the kitchen:


Almost all the utensils in the kitchen are important. But you may find some utensils useless. So, don’t keep them in the kitchen. They will only occupy the space (Here you can find some brilliant small smart kitchen storage ideas by clicking the link). You can take them out of the kitchen.

If you have any extra storage place near the kitchen, then you can keep them there. They may include large pots and large pans that you only need on feasts and occasions. In this way, you can keep other important utensils in place of that large useless utensils. I hope you will follow this idea.

Go for a basket:

You can buy plastic baskets for your kitchen. They are really very helpful. Put a lot of necessary utensils in it such as spoons, spatulas, forks, mugs, and many more. These utensils acquire a lot of space if they are kept here and there in the kitchen. Also, they can create a lot of mess.

So, basket can solve your two problems. Mess in the kitchen seems very irritating. Also, you will not have the time to clean it. By using the plastic basket, you will not see the mess anymore. After using the utensils, simply place them in the basket.

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Use cotton bags:

In drawers, we mostly keep small-sized utensils like spoons and forks. But life becomes very hard when you don’t have drawers in your kitchen. As this kind of stuff is small, do, you can place it anywhere. Buy maximum cotton bags and hang them anywhere in your kitchen. Make sure, you hang them inside the kitchen.

Because this stuff is important, and you can’t keep it outside. Otherwise, you will have to leave the kitchen again and again. And this is quite pathetic. So, hang some cotton bags inside your kitchen and put all the small-sized utensils in it. Take them out whenever you need them. Isn’t it convenient? I guess, nothing is more convenient than this.

This hack is just life-saving. It doesn’t matter, how large or small your kitchen is. If you have a kitchen then you can follow this hack without any hassle. So, why are you waiting too much? Just go and collect some of the durable cotton bags for your kitchen. If you’re conscious about the looks then buy some colorful bags. Or you can also go with simple ones. That’s not a big deal at all.

Keep some decorative stuff shelves:

If you have some large-sized but beautiful utensils, then you can place them on shelves. In this way, you will save some space. Also, your kitchen will look more beautiful and well-organized. So, if the utensils are large but colorful, then there is no need to take them out of the kitchen. Also, you should not hide them in cabinets or drawers.

In order to make your kitchen stylish, you can place them on the shelves. And if you use them frequently, then it will be easy for you to use them. How’s that? Just unbelievable.


The best place to keep such kind of utensils is near the stove. If we talk about pans and pots, so they are completely related with stove. So, it will be easy for you to put them on stove. Also, you will not have to find them. If you have spacious shelves, then you can follow this idea without any hesitation. Try to pile them, so, a lot of things will be accommodated in one place. Try to place small-sized pans over large-sized pans. So, there will be no fear of falling down.

Place the cutting board below the stove:

There is enough space below the stove. But this is not the case with all stoves. Some are fixed into the shelves. But if you have the stove that is not fixed into the shelves, then you can utilize that space. It’s just a blessing in my opinion. You can place flat things like cutting board  or pans below the stove.

But don’t forget to take them out when you turn on the stove. There is a risk of burning. So, in order to keep yourself save from that kind of mishap. And when your stove is not in use, then place whatever you want below it.

Below the stove, you can place a lot of stuff. And if you are worried about mess, then trust me, no mess will be created. The reason behind this is, this place is hidden. You can hide a lot of things there if you don’t want to show them.

If you don’t have enough space in your kitchen, then this idea is quite blissful for you. Don’t you think, you can also hide a lot of things below the stove? Yeah, you can. So, go for it right now

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Go for a walk-in pantry:

Here is another hack for you. If you don’t have drawers in your kitchen, but you have a lot of stuff to accommodate, then you should go for a walk in pantry. Whenever you will feel your kitchen less spacious, then you will be able to take it out. Pantry can accommodate a lot of kitchen accessories. You can’t even imagine.

One pantry can solve you a lot of issues. If there are no enough storing places in your kitchen, then you should go for a walk in pantry. As it is vertical, therefore, it will not occupy enough space. So you can place anywhere inside your kitchen.

You can keep pots, pans, spoons, and all other important things in one pantry. So, what else do you want? I think, this is more than enough. You don’t have to do anything else except buying the pantry. And if you already have it then well and good. Just move it in your kitchen and place whatever you want in it. The best thing about the walk in pantry is that you can move it anytime and anywhere.

Place some of the stuff on dine-in table:

Do you have the DINE-IN table in your kitchen? If yes, then you are very lucky. Because, you can keep a lot of space taking and important things on the table. These include plates, spoons, and forks.

The reason behind this is everyone keep some necessary stuff on DINE-IN table. Instead, it looks stylish and good. How’s that idea? In my opinion, this is one of the best idea ever.


If your DINE-IN table is large, then you don’t have to worry about anything. You can also place other utensils on it. But if it is not large, then you can place limited stuff. And if you don’t have the DINE-IN table in your kitchen, then you should take it to the kitchen.

Because this is nothing but a blessing. As I mentioned earlier, lucky are those who have a DINE-IN table in their kitchen. So, you don’t have to wait too long. Just go and place it in your kitchen if it is not there. And if it is already there, then start organizing your kitchen.

Utensils the place near your window?

If there is a window in your kitchen, then it’s quite amazing. Because you can utilize it for placing kitchen utensils. Some oversized plates can be placed there. Not only plates but a lot of other things can be placed there.

If there are multiple windows in your kitchen, then you deserve congrats from me. Because this is just wow. If there are some oversized pans in your kitchen, but they are important, then you can place them in your window pane. I hope, this idea is going to work for you.

Final verdict:

Not everyone is blessed with a large-sized or complete kitchen. So, in this case, the issue comes when we talk about the storing of utensils. In a small kitchen, it’s quite hard to store the utensils.

For your ease, we have mentioned a lot of stunning hacks that you can follow with ease. And your problem will be solved in this way. I am damn sure that you have read the above article. And if you haven’t read it yet, then go and have an eye on it. I am damn sure, it is going to help you out.

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