Over the Stove Wall Décor


We often pay the most attention to remodeling our kitchen and often leave the wall above the stove blank. The kitchen is where we need to apply creative ideas that make us feel pleasant while cooking for a long time. Ideas for the wall behind the stove are decided based on the color, durable material, nice-looking designs, high quality, reasonable prices, and a perfect match to the rest of the kitchen.

Over the Stove Wall Décor

Whatever the idea we are going to install for the stove backsplash, it must be easily repairable, all times active, and heat resistant. Now the main thing is a correct installation for which two ways can be adopted. In the first case, if you have installation skills, you can add the idea. For your stove backsplash yourself as you can paint the stove wall or install wallpaper on it. And doing so will save you from spending more money.

In another case, you cannot be an expert at everything as you cannot install tiles and if you are too clumsy, it would be a foolish act even think about the installation in this regard, you must hire a professional contractor for the perfect installation.

In this article, we have picked inspirational and trendy ideas for the stove wall décor. That everyone would love to implement to enhance their kitchen splendor.

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Over the Stove Wall Décor Ideas

Here we have suggested widely used ideas for walls behind the stoves which are everyone’s favorite. And are ideal and most suitable for every kitchen style whether it is a farmhouse kitchen or a modern kitchen.

1. Bright and Bold Colors 

Over the Stove Wall Décor

 If bold colors have been used for the rest of the kitchen. And you want your kitchen to look brighter and more refreshing. Whenever you enter your kitchen always go for bright colors for your stove backsplash. As this addition can be a game changer. It is not wise to use bold colors for all kitchens including the wall above the stove. As it will make your kitchen dark and dim, instead use the bold color of your choice for just one wall which can be a wall above the stove, and then paint the rest of the kitchen walls with bright colors.

This is the most affordable idea when you are going through the confusion that your budget is tight and you do not understand what to put over the stove as you can paint the walls yourself or call a painter.

2. Wallpapers

Over the Stove Wall Décor

Wallpapers ideas work brilliant behind stove décor as these are quite easy to install and replaced by another fresh wallpaper. The kitchen is that corner of the house where humidity and temperature are constantly high for that reason. Wallpapers lose their adhesive ability and often peel off. It is also a budget-friendly and DIY idea but sometimes you need to hire a professional for its setup when you want accuracy and quality.

Wallpapers get dirty and ugly looking by the permanent food stains and splashes which can not be wiped off in any way so you can replace the old one with brand new by just peeling and sticking method conveniently.

3. Tiles

Over the Stove Wall Décor

Another wonderful and most preferable idea for stove backsplashes is tiled and available in a variety of designs, colors, sizes, and materials. Tiles are relatively expensive but if wish for something long-lasting go for tiles that provide both durability and reliability. Moreover, when there is constant cooking in your kitchen all the time. where permanent food stains behind the stove wall cannot be easily wiped off with a damp cloth or spray. Which sometimes seem impossible to remove completely so the only solution we find tiles.

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a.   Types of Tiles

       i.            Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are most popular among all other tiles because of their ease of maintenance. These tiles resemble natural stones and give a sleek look in overloaded kitchen.

   ii.            Granite Tiles

Over the Stove Wall Décor

Light to dark granite stone has distinctive visual effects if your kitchen countertop is designed with granite. The renovation of the wall behind the stove with the same material (Granite Tiles) can be a wise decision. Granite stone is a hard stone and lasts longer, it does not deteriorate quickly and rarely needs to be repaired and it needs a little bit of care.

iii.            Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are chosen for modern houses due to their light-scattering features. That can convert the dark and small kitchen into a brightening area of your house. Cleaning these tiles is super easy as you can use any high-chemical cleaner that causes no harm to glass tiles.

 iv.            Stainless Steel Tiles

Over the Stove Wall Décor

Stainless steel is the most wanted and reliable stove backsplash idea for a modern and stylish kitchen. As it is heavy-duty metal and a perfect match for a kitchen having stainless steel appliances. Its sleek and shiny finish gives a brightening accent to a room and the food stains on the backsplashes can be wiped off with a damp cloth or foam easily. But do not use acidic cleaner or the acidic splatters must be cleaned immediately as stainless steel is not resistant to acidic materials that can impair this metal tile.

4. Art and Craft

Over the Stove Wall Décor

Everyone loves creativity and handmade ideas as all these ideas can be created with very little money. So a lot of artistic and aesthetic artwork can be used over the stove wall décor.

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a.   Farmhouse Wood and Metal “EAT” and other Lettering

Over the Stove Wall Décor

This DIY wall art can be created by cutting the wood and metal pieces as in this regard red iron is considered best for molding and designing and natural wood letter signs gives rustic accent to your stove backsplashes. Of all, “EAT” lettering is most commonly used to create hunger pangs and food preparation impluses, you can create such lettering yourself by cutting and shaping the wood pieces like iron or buy from markets.

b.  Cardboard OR Chalkboard for Seven-Day Receipes 

Plan your weekly food menu and reveal it by installing the artistic cardboard or chalkboard idea behind the stove décor. You can introduce new and old traditional family dishes to surprise and greet your guests who have never tasted this food before in their lives.

You need to install the clips in a vertical line on the menu hardboard and just attach your receipe card to clips to inform the family member what is going to be cooked the next day.

c.    Framed Silverwares

Over the Stove Wall Décor

 This idea is so simple and easy that everyone would try it for their kitchen wall décor. All you need to do is just choose some of the old and large silver utensils paint them with your favorite colors decorate them with flowers of any suitable material and attach them on a hardboard with iron nails. To make these silverware stand out, keep their background misty and even from a long distance, they look brighter and clearly visible. 

d.  Framed Images and Paintings

If you are a art student, it will be plus point for your home to get unique art work as you can create many matching and suitable paintings for your kitchen as well as stove backsplashes consisting of vegetables and fruits themes. If you have no expertise in painting, you can shop your favorite painting or hire a artist to produce your instructed paintings.

Framed food images are good alternative ideas for wall behind stove as you can prepare a clipboard with fruit and vegetable pictures indicating the food corner of your house.

5. Floating Shelves and Spice Racks

Over the Stove Wall Décor

Hanging shelves always perform a significant role in the tiny kitchen and are also the best replacement for cabinets and cupboards. If there is no enough space for cabinetry in your cottage kitchen, shelves can be installed anywhere over the kitchen counter to store the essential kitchen items.

In this do-it- yourself functional idea, you have many options such as racks for storing spice jars, wood cutting boards for hanging silverware, and pegboard for placing miscellaneous kitchen articles. This way provides you with ample space and this way you can utilize your kitchen for other purposes.

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6. Clock

Over the Stove Wall Décor

Adding a wall clock over the stove wall décor is both useful and functional. As everyone desperately needs a clock to be punctual and active. A vast variety of clocks with different prices come into markets every year. So you can choose a suitable clock with a minimal budget from a nearby shop and nail it over the wall of a kitchen stove.

Farmhouse Rustic clock gives your traditional feel and helps refresh old memories, spoon. And fork clocks are specifically designed for the kitchens and you can install them near the recipe cardboard to inform about the timing of the next meal. 

7. Drooping Baskets

Over the Stove Wall Décor

Decorate your stove backsplash with another vintage idea comprising colorful seagrass baskets. And add at least one traditional room to your modern kitchen. This is a very affordable idea for kitchens around the world. And if you are a cold area resident then must use woven baskets to give your kitchen a warmer finish.   

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can 3d Marble Tile Sticker be Easily Stuck on Pre-Existing Tiles Laid Behind the Stove?

To adhere to the 3d marble tile sticker, you need to see what material your wall is made of. For instance, mostly ceramic and vinyl stickers are wall-friendly. If it is needed to rearrange them, they can be easily removed without tearing and leaving marks on the walls and are most suitable for mirror tiles, ceramic tiles, wallpapers, and plastic melamine surfaces. But with repeated sticking and peeling, these stickers lose their adhesiveness

Before sticking these stickers on the walls, the dirt and grime on the walls should be thoroughly cleaned. Then adhere them well over the wall by applying pressure from all sides as these stickers are more adhesive. Be careful not to put it on freshly painted walls, some times these stickers do not stick on the walls which is why people use glue sprays to stick them firmly. Readjustment of the stickers is not possible with the use of glue spray.

What to Put on Wall behind Stove So that the Grease Can be Easily Removed from it?

Any type of tiles, stainless steel or tin, and vinyl are the most preferred ideas for walls behind the stove. As grease is easily removed from such backsplashes without any hassle. If your wall is protected by flat waterproof or satin paint, any degreaser can be used to wipe off the grease and dirt from it.

Another issue is that sometimes cleaning with degreasers faints the wall paints and makes them unattractive and ugly. In that case, tile patterns or stickers are tricky and affordable alternatives to renovate such fainted walls. By doing so you not only get rid of the greasy and dim old walls but also add a creative kitchen wall décor

What is the Safe and Accurate Method of Cleaning Stainless Steel Tiles?

The best way to clean the stainless steel tiles is to use stainless steel spray along with a damp cloth. All you have to do is sprinkle SS spray on the stainless steel tiles and wipe them off. While rubbing them with the damp cloth like you are turning a mill to grind flour.


Almost everyone desires some corner of their house to be so distracting and mind soothing that compels visitors to give a “wow”. The kitchen is definitely that place of the house where visitors go most. But we have outlined budget-friendly ideas in this article specifically over the stove wall décor that often goes unnoticed. Before applying these ideas for stove backsplashes, we must first know about our kitchen styles. And measurements as four different stylings have been adopted for home kitchens including traditional, farm-house, modern, and eclectic styles.   

Kitchen style correlates with stove backsplash ideas, for instance, stone wood backsplash ideas should be used for the farmhouse style kitchen whereas tiles, metallic, and geometric pattern backsplash ideas are perfect for a modern style kitchen. Complementary prints, wall murals, and wallpapers backsplashes will be suitable for a traditional kitchen. On the other hand, the electric kitchen must be designed with bright and bold paints.

One more thing to keep in mind must measure the wall above the stove accurately. Where an idea is to be installed. So that it does not collide with surrounding cabinets or cupboards in the kitchen as precautions taken in advance save time and effort. Therefore, thousands of ideas can be chosen behind stove décor and we have tried to provide complete and precise information. About the most used ideas for walls behind stoves in the world.

If you have some unique and creative ideas for stove backsplashes so we welcome you to share them with us and help us to spread more ideas and information around the world.

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