Small Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

Outdoor kitchens are a great space to enjoy cooking with your family and friends in an open space with a touch of nature around you. If you often plan barbecues, backyard picnics, or brunch in the open air, you need to get rustic outdoor kitchen ideas.

Small Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

 An outdoor kitchen allows you to have more space to cook, and more people can join you there. Outdoor kitchens are not only helpful when spending time with family outdoors, but they also provide a premium look to your house. An outdoor kitchen simply multiplies the worth of your home.

If you are planning to get your small rustic outdoor kitchen, the best place is your backyard, porch, or lawn. Outdoor kitchens are often expensive to install and maintain. They must be resistant to weather conditions. You need good appliances and equipment to make your kitchen luxurious and as well as resistant. 

But it seems to be very costly to get an outdoor kitchen. Well, you can get a small rustic outdoor kitchen within a limited budget if you plan wisely. So here are some small rustic outdoor kitchen ideas on a budget to try now along with some small outdoor kitchen ideas to utilize your confined space.


Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

Small outdoor kitchen ideas are not very expensive if planned properly. You can use your creativity and imagination to turn a small area of your porch or backyard into a small outdoor kitchen. 

Cheap Outdoor Kitchen Kits

You do not need much expensive equipment to set up a top-notch outdoor kitchen. Just a few necessary items that are durable and suitable for outdoor weather. Following are the essential and cost-effective appliances of cheap outdoor kitchen kits reliable to use in an outdoor kitchen:

Grill for Outdoor Kitchen

This is one of the most essential parts of a DIY outdoor kitchen kit. Everyone loves to spend time with family and friends, and a barbecue is a good chance to reunite. Backyard barbecues are the most popular plans for family time. Buy a good-quality grill for the outdoor kitchen to spend some beautiful moments with family with tasty grilled food.

Outdoor Cooking Ideas

You need something more suitable for the outdoor environment because an indoor store will not work. Here are some outdoor cooking ideas other than an outdoor grill from which you can opt for the one that suits you the best:

Small Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Budget
  • Fireplace: It is a great way to keep yourself warm by gathering around it, and also a good choice to cook outside. It is simply two in one.
  • Fire pits: It is a great and luxurious option to cook food. It makes your small rustic outdoor kitchen more appealing and aesthetic. But these are often expensive. If you have a limited budget, go for another convenient and cost-effective option.
  • Ovens: Ovens are good to keep in an outdoor kitchen, especially if you like to bake various items with your family. Go for a traditional style oven for a rustic-themed kitchen, such as a brick oven.
  • Sink for Outdoor Kitchen

Well, no kitchen is complete without a sink, whether it be an indoor or an outdoor kitchen. You do not have to carry the dirty dishes inside to wash them or go inside to wash your hands. Install a sink for more convenience.

5. Mini Outdoor Refrigerator

Buy an outdoor refrigerator for the storage of fresh food and cold beverages. It does not have to be a big and expensive one. Opt for a refrigerator that occupies less space and is enough for your essential items.

6. Warming Drawers

Warming drawers or baking drawers are new additions to kitchens that help in keeping cooked food fresh when you have to serve many guests. You can store your cooked items in it, and it can even work as a slow cooking station.

Once you are done with creating a list of all the necessary items of a cheap outdoor kitchen kit within your budget, it is time to show some creativity and customize your kitchen.

DIY Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

It is time to provoke some creativity to set up your rustic outdoor kitchen. Here are some DIY outdoor kitchen ideas that will upgrade your house to a whole new premium look:

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Seating Arrangement

This is indeed very important for the whole family, and it also provides the aesthetic look and complements your outdoor kitchen. A set of six chairs and a round table in the middle will be great if you are planning to utilize a smaller area of your backyard or lawn. 

Small Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

The thing to consider while buying a dining table for an outdoor kitchen is quality. There is no tension of weather indoors, but when planning the outdoor kitchen, you need to choose an appealing arrangement as well as a resistant set.

Look for chairs with cushions made from solution-dyed fabric that is 100% acrylic. Seats with such cushions last 4 to 5 times longer than the regular ones because of their resistance to water and weather.

The dining table is way more expensive than other kitchen furniture. And you probably do not want to spend on buying a new one every year. To ensure that your dining table lasts longer, cover it with an umbrella. It will save it from water, bird droppings, and from getting dirty. Moreover, the umbrella will add more charm to your rustic-themed kitchen.

Brick Oven for Outdoor Kitchen

Ovens are the best options for cooking outdoors. Brick ovens are great in this regard, especially when you are looking for budget outdoor kitchen ideas. They do not only aid in cooking but can also warm the atmosphere and add more sophistication to your outdoor kitchen. 

Moreover, brick ovens are inexpensive. You can buy a portable one at cheap rates starting from $400. A brick oven will cost no more than $350 if you build one yourself. But if you buy a ready-made oven, that will cost up to $1000 to $10,000+ which will exceed your budget. If you have a limited budget, try creating your cement oven with family and friends. 

Inexpensive Outdoor Kitchen Islands

If you want something more organized and premium, than opting for a kitchen island. A kitchen island is a type of dining table with multiple functions. You can cook on it too because they have in-built cooking grills or stoves. They are a great way to assemble the cooking and eating area in one place. 

You might be thinking that kitchen islands can be expensive. Yes, they are. But buying them will prevent you from spending on cooking stoves and seating arrangements. The total amount in both cases is similar. So, why not choose wisely? 

The minimum starting price of inexpensive outdoor kitchen islands is $3000. But if you go for customized ones, they will cost up to $10,000+ which is not within the budget. If you can afford it, go for your own designed island! 

Small Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

If you have a limited area for your outdoor kitchen, you have to be very precise in designing it. We have some small outdoor kitchen design ideas that perfectly utilize your limited space without creating an overcrowded kitchen.

Multifunction Storage

As space is confined, the cupboards and drawers must be multi storage. Here are some things to install in the cabinets and drawers of your small outdoor kitchen:

Small Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Budget
  • Drawer Inserts: Organizing drawers are extremely important to be able to find things at time. You can buy drawer inserts of various sizes to insert in your drawers for a neat look and to store multiple things like utensils in a small space.
  • Variant Multi: Variant multi is the best option to organize things in a confined space. You can easily store your spices in your variant multi that are often difficult to find in cabinets. Just pull it out and get your spices and utensils on time.
  • Mini Fridge 

In a little space, you cannot insert a big refrigerator. Buy a mini-fridge to store main food items and beverages and store the rest of the things indoors. Mini fridges provide an appealing look to your small kitchen.

Pull-Out Kitchen for Small Space

Pull-out kitchens are an innovative way to utilize minimum space. They are designed in a way that you can pull them out when needed. There is no danger of damage caused by the weather. This kitchen consists of a wheeled shelf with a stove and a sink. It is very basic and does not have all the luxuries. But it is a great choice for those who do not have much space.


Portable Kitchens

There are portable kitchen designs available too with wheels. You can move them around wherever you want. They are great to opt for if you do not have a permanent space to set up an outdoor kitchen.

Try these small outdoor kitchen ideas that suit your requirements the best.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

We have discussed the essential appliances, furniture, and equipment that you need for your rustic outdoor kitchen and even how to manage a small space. Now, it is time to talk about some designs and themes that you can apply to your outdoor kitchen on a budget. Here are some small outdoor kitchen ideas on a budget:

Wooden Style Outdoor Kitchen

Wooden styles are no doubt the most luxurious designs that attract everyone. Customizing your outdoor kitchen with wood only will give a more rustic and horticultural appearance. Install a wooden floor and wooden furniture. Such a kitchen will look lovely in every season.

But remember, if you are opting for a wooden-style kitchen, you will have to be more active in maintaining it. And it needs to be covered with shade because the weather can badly affect the wood.

Rooftop Outdoor Kitchen

If you have a rooftop with pleasant weather, try utilizing it for an outdoor kitchen. You can cook, eat, and enjoy a lovely view from the rooftop. Just install a cooking appliance with storage, a fridge, and a small sitting arrangement. Outdoor kitchens are not only limited to backyards or lawns.

Stone Style Outdoor Kitchen

Just like a wooden-style kitchen, you can also design your kitchen with stone-style. Stone-style kitchens provide a cooler atmosphere. Moreover, a stone style kitchen does not need much maintenance because it is durable and resistant to weather.

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Lighted Outdoor Kitchen

Do you like spending more quality time with your family at night, or do you often plan late-night parties with friends at your place? If yes, then go for a lighted outdoor kitchen. Cover your kitchen with a pergola and add sufficient lighting. Opt for warm yellow lighting to create a cozy ambiance. 

Wood and Stone Design Outdoor Kitchen

Small Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

You can merge both designs to create a more rustic look. You can go for a stone grill with wooden shelves and cabinets around it. For the floor, you can be more creative. For instance, a brick-style floor will be great for simple outdoor kitchen ideas.

Outdoor Kitchen with a Fence

You can build an outdoor kitchen in the backyard with a fence around it for privacy and an appealing look. You can add more charm by adding greenery. Just hang some flowers and plants in baskets over the fence. And you have a fresher kitchen with a countryside atmosphere.

To Wrap it All

Outdoor kitchens are a great way to utilize your backyards, lawns, and even rooftops and spend more precious time with family. Many do not have much space to use. You can try our outdoor kitchen ideas for small spaces that are discussed above. You do not need to spend much with our small rustic outdoor kitchen ideas on a budget. 

Moreover, outdoor kitchens have many benefits too. They are a great way to increase your entertainment by cooking and enjoying at the same time. They are a source of convenience as you do not have to go indoors to get food, dishes, beverages, and other important stuff. Houses with outdoor kitchens sell at better rates, nearly up to 30% more than the expected rate.

So, what are you waiting for? Get an outdoor kitchen and utilize our small rustic outdoor kitchen ideas on a budget. 

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