white kitchen appliances

The secret to making white kitchen appliances look chic

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “white kitchen appliances?” Is the refrigerator in your rental property an old, beat-up model? It’s not only you who thinks this. It’s now 2021 however, and white appliances are once again popular.

There are two types of white appliances on the market right now: one is very similar to the old white ones, and the other is completely different. In fact, they’re quite fashionable. It’s not a particular kitchen design that’s given us a renewed respect for white; it’s the appliances themselves.

white kitchen appliances

The terms “stylish” and “ultramodern” are often used interchangeably these days, but white appliances function because of their polar opposite, “traditional.” Big Chill’s best-selling color has always been white, which we attribute to the company’s unapologetically retro designs.

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Because of the aesthetic, the color’s association with tackiness from the 1990s is lessened, and it now has a more pleasant, timeless quality. Designer Mason St. Peter conceived this idea while working on the Great Highway. According to him, they chose these pieces because they wanted all the modern conveniences of a new home with an old-world charm.

Big Chill’s creator Orion Creamer

According to Big Chill’s creator Orion Creamer, even if they’re not colored red, all of our appliances make a statement just by their design. In the brand’s freshly expanded Classic line, elaborate hinges and door trim in glossy nickel and chrome and brushed brass will soon be available in copper. Taking this notion even further.

It’s not just the matte finish that makes GE’s Café series of white appliances stand out; it’s also the sleek design. Who knew that taking off the gloss would bring back the brightness and freshness of white? A few more favorites include the white Amice basic ovens, the gorgeous spherical fridge from Smog, and the Lacanche range with its sparkling gold accents.

Advantage of blending

White kitchen appliances set also have the advantage of blending in better with neutral cabinetry than stainless steel ones. Those marble countertops (or paneled door fronts, or antique brass hardware) you’ve been eyeing for months may take center stage in your kitchen when the stove is out of sight.

Contrary to bedrooms and living rooms, kitchens are the most forgiving places to maintain a neutral color scheme. The use of complimentary black, cream, brass, and beige colors keeps the white refrigerator looking clean and crisp. A natural touch is provided by the wood cabinets, which would otherwise be lacking in such a modern atmosphere.

Even if you haven’t cleaned your white appliances in a few weeks, they still give a sense of cleanliness. An all-white kitchen is able to do this by using white Smog appliances, a copper storage rack instead of higher cabinets, and a basic (but oh-so-chic). Do you think it’s spotless or disgusting? There’s no way to know for sure. Be open to living a free-spirited existence.

white kitchen appliances

In today’s increasingly modern world of interior design, striking the right balance between stylish and homemade may prove difficult. It’s possible to have a beautiful kitchen without breaking the bank. White walls and floors are startling, yet it’s all brought together with statement lights and ancient windows, as well as wood patterns on the flooring and woven bar stools.

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Minimalist design in the modern era.

There’s something about this little juice bar around the block that always lures us in for a fresh-pressed juice before work: it’s so simple, yet it exudes so much positive energy. (We’ve seen this at nearly every juice shop we’ve been to.) Think of it as a mini-juice bar in your home. They provide color and life to this room without taking away from the white walls and furniture’s whitewashed finish.

A few years ago, we were convinced we couldn’t travel anywhere without encountering subway tile. It’s now considered a true classic in the film industry. This kitchen’s white refrigerator and other minor appliances mix seamlessly with the white tiling, giving it a clean, contemporary look.

use of a backsplash

The use of a backsplash can really liven up a space. White isn’t the sole color option for tiling. We adore the idea of pairing a busy graphic-printed backsplash with white items, from the larger stove to the tinier teapot and kettle. The energy flow is subtle, as opposed to other graphic tiles, which can be overpowering.

When working with white equipment, it might be tough to visualize kitchen color schemes that aren’t neutral. When it comes to cabinetry and walls, using bright colors, especially on the cabinets, can be just as effective. This shade of sage green is perfect for evoking the feel of a rural retreat.

Various Types of White Kitchen Appliances

There appears to be an unwritten rule that all appliances must be the same color. However, as is frequently said, rules are made to be broken. Why not mix and match appliances made of white, black, and stainless steel? There wouldn’t be the same atmosphere in this kitchen if the white fridge and black stove weren’t so strikingly contrasted with one another.

Give trends a few years, and they’ll come back in style. This is true. Looks like something from the ’70s sitcom, doesn’t it? Even with all the new things you can find now, it’s still very hip and happening. In particular, we like how the white wood paneling looks against the soft pastels, the bold wallpaper, and the stark white refrigerator.

In doubt, go with the whiteout method. Every aspect of this kitchen has been carefully examined, from the zigzag tiling to the large kitchen island to (our personal favorite) the huge white range hood.

white kitchen appliances

We understand that finding a white café appliance that looks great is more challenging than it first appears to be. Since it is buried behind white-paneled cabinets, we appreciate the simplicity of the design. This, in our opinion, is a superb magic trick for a social gathering.

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White kitchen appliances with gold handles

White kitchen appliances with gold handles and gold accessories look stunning when combined with white furniture. So that’s why everything in this kitchen works so well together. It’s not uncommon to see several styles of brass cabinet handle, drawer pulls, and knobs. It looks like making progress is difficult without putting in a lot of effort.

Granite is no longer the undisputed king of kitchen surfaces. Butcher block and marble countertops are all the rage right now. We like the natural hardwood floors to the polished white cabinetry, French-door refrigerators, and white cabinets.

white kitchen appliances

 The best white kitchen appliances are of Maple or oak cabinetry with white appliances instantly recognizable as styles popular in the early 2000s. A kitchen with a mix of woods, lots of greenery, and copper accents is everything but. This one has the look of a kitchen you’d find in a hip Brooklyn district.

Just by gazing at this kitchen, we’re taken to a beachside cabana in Southern California. To me, the sea foam-washed cabinetry, cluttered open shelving, sparkling white appliances, and nautically-themed floor runner provide the perfect atmosphere for entertaining.

White appliances do not have to be brand new and cutting-edge to be trendy. The picnic basket and dangling wooden ladder lend rustic warmth to the space, which is intended to stand out against the white backdrop.

Even the smallest kitchens have grown in size in recent years. Millennials and retirees alike are getting more interested in micro-living. Multigenerational property owners are including small, supplemental kitchens for returning adult children and aging parents.


Micro-kitchens commonly have a two-burner stove, microwave/convection oven combination, an 18-inch dishwasher, and a 60-inch fridge or refrigerator drawer. When it comes to choosing an appliance, consumers have more options than ever before because of the proliferation of appliance brands and manufacturers.

Also, how well an appliance fits into the rest of your kitchen is influenced by its aesthetics. In almost any kitchen, especially in choosing the white café appliances, you’ll find one of the three most prevalent appliance finishes: stainless steel, glossy white, or matte black. White, black, and stainless steel, which is always popular choice, are all available.

For additional information on how changing your kitchen’s finish might vary the design and appearance, contact our design experts at Don’s appliances if you’re unsure about any of these options. Before making a choice between white, black, and stainless-steel appliances, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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White-colored Appliances

White kitchen appliances are always a good choice because they go with anything. When it comes to appliances, white may not be the most exciting color, but with so many options, it’s always a decent choice. When it comes to kitchen design, the color white is a versatile choice that can be used to enhance an existing space or add monetary value to a new one.

The aesthetic of your kitchen can be harmed by some low-cost, basic solutions, so do your research and take your time when selecting the ideal fridge model for your space. You can be sure that a white appliance finish is the best choice for a garage, cellar, or rental house if your appliance will see some use. If you’re going to use the appliance as your primary cooking location, make sure you get one that makes the most of your space.


  • This is a safe finish that may be used with any kitchen color scheme.
  • In comparison to other finishes, fingerprints will not be as readily visible on this one.
  • Low-maintenance and simple to clean
  • You can pick from a wide range of models.
  • Gives your house a spacious, airy, and bright sense.


  • It’s probable that at times, it’s viewed as dated.
  • A well-liked alternative (nothing flashy)
  • Over time, low-cost models lose their luster.
white kitchen appliances

Stainless-steel appliances

Stainless steel is the most favored material among architects, contractors, and home cooks. A kitchen made of stainless steel will feel more modern and up-to-date, while still maintaining its original beauty and charm.

White appliances have a timeless, classic appeal, whereas stainless steel appliances combine the sturdiness and durability of black. When it comes to material quality, stainless steel is unsurpassed.

Stainless steel’s biggest drawback is how much upkeep it requires. To keep it appearing new, you’ll need to clean it frequently because of how easily dirt and grime accumulate on it. Single-use cleaning solutions can damage the surface, leaving stains and scratches that are difficult to remove.

When cleaning your kitchen appliances, take care not to let children put unwashed hands on any of the kitchen surfaces. Wiping down stainless-steel surfaces will quickly turn into a full-time job.

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Appliance cleanliness

Because it is so easy to clean and disinfect, stainless steel is the most upkeep-intensive material. Using the grain of the metal to wipe off the refrigerator, cooktop, or dishwasher will eliminate streaking.

If you’re handling raw meat or a member of your family becomes unwell, you can disinfect the area using a non-abrasive cleaning solution at home. Cleaning solutions can discolor white appliances because of how easily stains settle and absorbance occurs.

However, if your black appliances have a matte finish, spills, and drips will be more difficult to see unless you maintain a regular cleaning schedule.

If you want your kitchen to look spotless all the time, avoid using stainless steel because greasy fingerprints can ruin the look. Appliances with a matte surface, such as those in white or black, are less prone to display fingerprints, however, white appliances might develop dirt and scuff marks over time along the doors and handles.

You have to look harder for streaks and smudges on black appliances since they are less likely to show.

Decorations for the Kitchen

It’s critical to locate the right appliances to meet your cleaning requirements, but it’s far more difficult to find equipment that matches your kitchen’s design exactly. Stainless steel is unmatched in terms of its elegant and adaptable appearance.

You can go for a dramatic color scheme by pairing black appliances with lighter-colored flooring, cabinetry, and worktops. If you want your appliances to fit in with your kitchen space so that your backsplash and cabinetry may take center stage, go with white ones.

white kitchen appliances


There isn’t much of a difference in price if you’re looking for an entry-level appliance, but if you’re looking for a complete set of appliances or a luxury set of appliances, every dollar counts. Not only the finish will increase the price of your device, but so will additional storage, cooling, cleaning, and heating options.

Decide on the finish and features you like before setting a budget for new appliances. A hybrid black stainless-steel finish option is also available. Although the matte finish of this color resembles that of stainless steel, it has a deeper, glossier tint that helps hide fingerprints.

The use of fingerprint-resistant stainless steel may also result in an increase in the price of your equipment. For a squeaky-clean appearance, this coating wipes clean easily and resists fingerprints.

It’s now or never. The appliances you buy should be carefully studied, just like any other addition or improvement to your house. In terms of aesthetics, there are advantages and disadvantages to each of the three appliance finishes. In the end, it comes down to determining whatever type of finish you prefer in order to create a coherent space.

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